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The court postponed the hearing of the pre-trial detention case against Lilia Paredes to March 27.

Lilia Paredes is currently receiving asylum in Mexico. | Fountain: Congress

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The court has decided to postpone the remand hearing for former First Lady Lilia Paredes, who is under investigation for alleged involvement in criminal organization. Judge Raul Justiniano indicated that the new date will be next Monday, March 27, 10:00 am.after evaluating that the National Prosecutor’s Office recently submitted new documentation on demand.

In response, the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the prosecutor Jorge Garcia Juarezargued that the new elements were indeed described in the request for pre-trial detention, but that the documents were about to be attached.

During the hearing, in addition to the virtual presence of Lilia Paredes, David and Walter Paredes, brothers of the former first lady, appeared. Likewise, Yennefer Paredes was present as an audience member.

Mexican government declares asylum case ‘reserved’

Government of Mexico declared the asylum case “reserved” for five years Awarded to former First Lady Lilia Paredes. A report published by the Sunday newspaper Punto Final said that after filing a request for a document in the Paredes case, the decision was explained to them that they would not disclose any information or details related to the processing of this allowance.

“In this regard, this Deputy Minister considers that the provision of the information requested by the applicant may undermine the international relations of Mexico and the Republic of Peru, in addition to violating the protections afforded by international law to information relating to applicants for recognition. asylum condition” can be read in the document.

Source: RPP

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