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Political Unrest and Climatology, Fernando Carvallo [COLUMNA]

Those responsible for ENFEN warned us about the possibility of a hot autumn and winter. | Fountain: Andean

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It is possible that one day our time will be called the “Byzantine” period of our evolution. This expression refers to what happened in Byzantium in 1453, when sophisticated theologians debated the nature of angels as the Ottomans prepared to conquer the city and end the thousand-year existence of the Eastern Roman Empire.

In our case, instead of discussing angels, we maintained an atmosphere polarization this shattered our political system and prevented a long period of economic expansion and democratic change.

And now instead of the Ottomans we have a threat changing of the climate. We were frightened by the presence of a cyclone off our northern coast, which then moved south and is currently dissolving as it moves west.

But the sea water is still warmer than usual, and every day we discover the vulnerability of our territory, full of streams that we thought were dry, and which suddenly become active.

Finally, yesterday those responsible for studying the El Niño phenomenon, SICKthey warned us of the possibility of a hot autumn and winter, leading to the end of the year with a baby.

We’d better decide once and for all to adjust to the global phenomenon changing of the climate and show yourself to the greatest challenge of our generation. Every aspect of our natural reality will be affected, from the apparent shrinking of glaciers to marine species, from the desert on the coast to the jungle we continue to clear.

We do not encounter any political positions or conspiracy theories. We must stop turning our backs on science, preserve the wealth of our territory, and commit ourselves to leaving the country in a better state for our children and grandchildren.

Things as they are

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