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Digna Calle resigns as second congressional vice president after early election rejected

“Congressmen and President of the Republic Dina Boluarte do not want to take responsibility for the crisis that the country is facing,” he said. | Fountain: Andean

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congresswoman decent street (Podemos Peru) submitted his irrevocable resignation to the Second Vice President Board of Directors belonging Congressa few hours after the 2023 election promotion project presented by Government.

Likewise, he demanded a reconfiguration of the entire Board of Directors belonging parliament and the resignation of the president Dina Boluarte call a general election.

“Congressmen and the President of the Republic do not want to take responsibility for the crisis that the country is facing. We devoted 4 meetings, 11 votes and 20 hours of debate without reaching the necessary consensus. Formulas come and go, but excuses remain imposed during voting. It’s clear they don’t want to leave or give up their salary or benefits,” he said in a video posted to his social media.

On the other hand, he recalled the bill he presented in April 2022 to advance the elections, “seeking to prevent the situation from escalating without a response.” “Power clings to power, and the country suffers socially and economically,” he added.

Jose Galvez is pronounced

The statement followed the line of what was indicated by the president of the Podemos Peru party, Jose Luna Galvezwho argued that a “lack of political maturity” was the reason for leaving decent street second vice president Congress.

“We can have Peru step down from the second vice president of the Congress of the Republic, and I ask that the Constitutional Commission and the Board of Directors be reorganized by submitting a bill directed by the executive branch,” he said.

He added that the filing of the proposal by the executive “deals a new blow to democracy”, and therefore demanded the resignation Dina Boluarte otherwise, he will hold “Congress and government responsible for what happens in the next few hours.”

They reject early elections

Previously Constitutional Commission archived this Friday the 2023 Election Promotion Project presented by President Dina Boluarte. The Executive’s proposal received only 11 votes in favor, 10 against and 1 abstention. The 14 votes required to approve the issue were not collected.

The refusal of congressmen appealed to article 78 of the rules, which states that they cannot submit the same proposal on an identical issue until the next annual session period. Thus, this is already the fourth election promotion project rejected by Parliament in the last week.

“The necessary 14 votes to consider the issue have not been collected,” he said. Nano Guerra Garcia after voting in constitutional commission. So the process continues on page zero.

Similar Congressional Constitutional Commission declined to reconsider in order to reconsider the possibility of approving a bill submitted by the executive branch to advance the election. This requirement was made by the legislator. Ruth Lukebut did not get the necessary votes.

This reconsideration barely received 9 votes in favor and 8. It required the support of half plus one member of the working group for its approval; that is, 14. When this did not happen, it was confirmed that the initiative of the executive power goes into the archive.

Source: RPP

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