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Things on your mind: 7 facts you didn’t know about hair

How does our hair grow? Why do they fall? Don’t keep your hair up! Discover these and other fun facts

Differences in the family

Does your hair look like your parents’? The texture and color of the strands are characteristics passed on through the genes and our hair is often similar to that of other people in the family, depending on the combination of genes.

unwanted visitors

The louse hides between the hairs and bites the scalp to feed on blood. In a month of life, the female lays more than 100 eggs. To remove them, it is necessary to use medicine prescribed by the doctor.

push push

In our skin, there are tiny tubes where fur and hair develop. Cells multiply and push older ones out. So the hair grows.

old protection

You always comb your hair. But do you know what they are for? Our ancestors didn’t have a house, car or umbrella and they relied on their fur, especially their hair, to protect themselves from the sun, rain and even snow.

They have strength!

Each strand of hair is made up of thousands of plaques of a protein called keratin. Even though it looks thin and fragile, a strand of hair is stronger than a copper wire of the same thickness.

Many colors

The hair color depends on a pigment called melanin. The human body produces melanin in shades of yellow, red and brown. The combination of these colors is what determines each person’s hair color.

It doesn’t hurt at all!

A cut on your finger is almost always painful. But if we cut our hair, we don’t feel anything. It’s just that wires are made of dead cells. Already the root is formed by living cells and pulling a thread or pulling the hair is pain for sure!

Did you know?

  • We have between 100 and 150 thousand hairs. Each lives around six years and grows 0.25 millimeters a day.
  • Every day we lose about 100 hairs. Meanwhile, others grow.

Source: Recreio

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