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Cat Stepan shows footage of the Russian strike on Lviv

Photo: instagram.com/loveyoustepan

A prominent blogger watched a missile attack in western Ukraine, where the aggressor country also sent its shells.

Stepan, a Ukrainian cat blogger, almost experienced a missile strike in Lvov, launched by Russia on Tuesday, November 15, which fired about 100 missiles at our country. He announced it on Instagram.

The missiles hit energy infrastructure facilities in the northern, central and western regions of the country. Including Lvov, where there is a cat.

Stepan posted a video in which he showed how he observes the consequences of a missile attack.

Check out this post on Instagram

Posted by Stepan (@loveyoustepan)

It can be remembered that earlier the cat Stepan became the winner of the prestigious blogging award World Influencers and Bloggers Awards 2022. He was with the famous TikTok blogger Khaby Lame at the event.

Cat Stepan became the project ambassador of the Ministry of Culture

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