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Ivan Dorn explains his position on the war in Ukraine

Ivan Dorn explains his position on the war in Ukraine


During a massive war, the singer Ivan Dorn lives abroad with his wife and children.

Singer Ivan Dorn explains his position on the war and admits why he is afraid to return to Ukraine.

In particular, the artist, who lived in Chelyabinsk for up to two years, said that he used to live in a “soap bubble.” However, when full-scale war began, he began delving into history, reading books and researching Ukraine’s path to independence.

“I felt free to be a Russian-speaking person in the country and then, when all this happened, I realized that I probably had to devote more of myself to history and everything else to find out about the Hetmanate, about the Zaporozhye Sich, about all these times, about Doroshenko and his attempts to make an independent, independent Ukraine at that time, our Constitution and our position in the Soviet Union, then more , more, more.. In order to create my own picture,” said the performer on YouTube channel Dope soz.

Dorn himself did not switch to Ukrainian, but noted that there was more than the official language in the family.

“I also began to lean on the Ukrainian language: to put more Ukrainian groups for children in Ukrainian, and we ourselves began to communicate with Ukrainian speakers with us, to answer in Ukrainian we began to respect it ,” the artist shared.

But Ivan Dorn is afraid to return to Ukraine. The musician was caught up in a full-scale war overseas, so he stayed there. The singer does not return home to Ukraine because he is afraid that he will not be able to leave because of the mobilization.

“I have not been to Kyiv since the war started. It is not difficult to come, but it is more difficult to return if you are a boy from 18 to 60 years old who is under mobilization always and everywhere abroad I remain Ukrainian , I am an artist and I am drowning for Ukraine, but at the same time in my own narrative, in my own context,” he concluded.

It was previously reported that Ukrainian presenter and actor Ruslan Khanumak left Ukraine for the United States.

Ivan Dorn apologizes for calling war “fraternal conflict”
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Source: korrespondent

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