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8 items to keep your home warm on cold days

8 items to keep your home warm on cold days

Check out the essential items to warm up your home in winter and make it cozy

There’s nothing better than ensuring a warm and cozy environment on colder days, right? That’s why we’ve selected 8 products for you to heat your home in style – and while maintaining comfort, of course!

Check it out and enjoy:

1. Cotton sofa blanket, Comoya:

Ideal for keeping warm on colder days, this blanket is also perfect for decorating the sofa.


2. Shaggy rug:

With a soft and comfortable touch, this fur rug is made from synthetic material and adds charm to any room.


3. PVC blackout curtain with checkered voile fabric:

This curtain has two parts: a PVC blackout and, on top, the Voile fabric. Ideal for decorating the room, ensuring coziness and blocking out 100% of the light.


4. Ceramic thermo heater, Mondial:

Compact and portable, this item heats the environment on colder days in a practical and efficient way.


5. Eco-friendly rustic alcohol or ethanol fireplace:

Ideal for those looking for practicality, this eco-friendly fireplace is completely portable and has wheels, ensuring the comfort of a fire wherever you are. It has a rod on the lid that allows you to adjust the intensity of the fire according to your preferences.


6. Julia Suede Headboard, Sand:

Small details transform our decor, don’t they? This headboard is ideal for those who want to complete their bedroom and beautify their bed!


7. Sherpa Blanket Double-Sided Duvet Double Bed:

Ideal for making the environment more elegant and comfortable, this blanket has a microfiber blanket and 100% polyester sherpa fabric.


8. Blessed Lavender Vegetable Wax Scented Candle:

Made with eco-friendly vegetable wax, this lavender scented candle will perfume the room and make it cozy.


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