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A true diamond: the new Mitsubishi Outlander and all its delights

The new Mitsubishi Outlander gives another reason to pay attention to it. This crossover appeared in our information space about six months ago and since then the price drop has succeeded significantly.

We certainly like this trend, because in its magical light the most important features of the new Outlander shine even more. So let’s talk about them.

Better yet, we’ll show them off in the video version of our test drive:

Well, those who still prefer letters can find them below, in the text version of the test drive.

In any case, you will quickly understand: it is difficult to even compare the current Mitsubishi Outlander with its predecessor. One look at this crossover is enough to conclude: it really is completely new! After all, Outlander moved to a new platform and outgrew itself in literally every aspect.

Let’s start with the three most popular. The length has increased by 15 mm, the width by 62 mm, and the height by 35 mm. Okay, let’s add a fourth: the wheelbase of Mitsubishi Outlander reaches 2706 mm, thanks to which it moved to a new class. Now this is a real D-SUV!

In short, it’s now a large, modern seven-seat crossover. There’s a new and probably the cutest version of the Dynamic Shield face you’ll ever see, matrix optics on the top-end Ultimate trim, and big 20-inch wheels. The entry-level Intense has 18-inch wheels, non-matrix optics, but also LED front and rear.

By the way, it is the rear lights that perfectly emphasize the width of the body, because, as you already know, it has grown more in the new generation of the crossover. The LED color used for the taillights is a deeper red than the traditional amber red on the 2020 Outlander.

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But most of all you will be surprised by the interior of the crossover. Finally, Mitsubishi has created an interior that you want to look at, not to mention, you want to touch! For example, to understand if the doors really have such a soft furniture finish or is it an optical illusion?

No, not an illusion. There’s also a perforated steering wheel, a soft-touch finish on the top of the dashboard, a comfortable transmission control knob and a sophisticated drive mode switch. Overall, there is a completely different level of attention to detail than before.

The only thing that is difficult to add to the luxury list is the display. It’s not bad in itself, it has a rather simple but convenient multimedia system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and all-round cameras. In general, everything you need is there. But the medium screen size – 8 inches – is still a bit dissonant with all this luxury and sound from Bose.

Sincere hospitality, called Omotenashi in Japanese, is embodied in the new crossover, as they say, in all its glory. Airy here, the spacious interior exudes a calm elegance. Not only will your eyes be happy, but also your back, because the front seats have a double-layer structure of urethane, which reduces fatigue during long trips. And the shoulder support is very easy to use. It is easy to notice that the cabin has significantly increased legroom in the first and second rows.

And there is something for the eyes to look at: finally we have a convenient and bright digital dashboard cluster with a diagonal of 12.3 inches with impeccable user logic – it is very easy to customize everything here. And when you choose a driving mode from the few available, you suddenly see a mode called Tarmac. And here, for those who remember Lancer Evolution, something should jump in their chest.

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Tarmac is exactly the mode that helps you shift quickly and, dare I say it, elegantly. This is where the Active Yaw Control, or AYC, system can be used to its maximum – the most interesting part of owning Mitsubishi’s all-wheel drive system.

AYC uses the brakes to control the rotation of the vehicle around its vertical axis. That is, he literally turned the crossover in one turn. This is a real gem of a Mitsubishi all-wheel drive. His help will be appreciated by both experienced and less experienced drivers. Both male and female. By the way, Mitsubishi has been producing all-wheel drive cars for 90 years. As you can imagine, during this time they learned something!

The design of the S-AWC all-wheel drive has changed slightly in the new Outlander. Instead of an electromagnetic clutch, we now have a hydraulic clutch from Borg Warner. Advantages include constant torque on the rear axle (called preload) and faster response times to help you stay out of trouble. That is, the clutch acts proactively, preventing the loss of directional stability. And it shouldn’t overheat off road.

You’ve probably also heard that it now shares a platform with the Nissan X-Trail. This is true, but this statement must be understood correctly. This is not a copy of X-Trail, it is original from Mitsubishi. Because this Outlander has its own beauty, its own technology and its own setting.

So under the hood, instead of a 1.5 turbo, like the Nissan X-Trail, there is a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated engine. It’s completely aluminum, and – yes, no more cast iron sleeves. But there is a special coating on the walls of the cylinder, which significantly reduces friction.

Should you be afraid of it? Probably not, because similar technology is widely used by other manufacturers, even sports car manufacturers – for example, there are no liners in the Shelby GT500 engine, and there are volumes of 5 and 2. Therefore, in 2 and 5 are all probably fine. . In addition, the abandonment of cast iron liners in favor of spraying has a positive effect on engine efficiency, which has increased compared to the previous 2.4. Namely: power is increased by 8.9%, efficiency is improved by 2.6%.

Of course, it was also influenced by other innovations: direct injection, cooling in the exhaust recirculation system and electrically controlled valves. And the main thing for me as a driver is that there is now more torque – 244 Nm instead of 222 Nm, and they are available earlier – at 3600 instead of 4200. It is convenient, especially in the city.

In terms of efficiency, the new Mitsubishi Outlander consumes 10-10.5 l/100 km in the city. That is, the appetite is at the level of an atmospheric “kopeck piece”, but here it is 2.5. And these 2.5s also work with the new CVT. There are now eight fixed stages instead of six, but the torque still flows continuously.

So what are these steps for? So that the variator does not sing on one note, throwing the tachometer needle every time you press the gas harder. This CVT feels like it works like a classic automatic. By the way, something interesting was found not only under the hood, but also in the trunk. It’s time to look there – there are a few things there to pay attention to.

First, although the volume has remained almost unchanged (plus one liter), access to these liters has become more convenient: the width of the luggage compartment has increased, and the opening itself has become 104 mm wider.

Secondly, by changing the installation angles of the rear springs and shock absorbers, the shape of the underground changed, which made it possible to move the spare tire to the trunk.

Thirdly, the manufacturer’s approach to noise and vibration insulation has changed: under the spare tire we find a fairly thick protective layer against noise and vibration. And it’s not just in the trunk, as you understand.

As for the space in the third row of seats, the back and legs are fine here, unless they are very long. These are children’s places, and there is no need to ask more from them. The second row is usually needed more often, and its passengers have their own privileges. For example, the ability to move the seats back and forth by 21 cm That is, you can change the balance between comfort for passengers and space for luggage. Another pleasant thing: the tilt of the backrests is adjustable, and a third climate zone appears in the second row.

Despite its size, the new Outlander is very responsive, and we have no complaints about handling. But how do you feel about 20’s discs? You feel good, especially if you value the balance between comfort and the ability to understand what’s under your wheels. Well, for those who do not need this understanding, there is a starting package Intense for 1,599,000 UAH – on 18 discs. It will not be as good, but softer.

Although it is the top-end Ultimate package for 1,785,000 UAH that mainly attracts with its very cool matrix headlights. They are smart: they not only shade oncoming and passing cars, but also remove reflections from road signs. When moving from low to high, the light turns on from the center and moves outward.

Well, we are moving to the conclusions.

The most interesting thing about the new Mitsubishi Outlander is that it is not just a new Outlander. It’s a new Mitsubishi! We don’t remember a car at this level from three diamonds. We dare to suggest that it did not exist then.

And now there is! Perhaps the most luxurious interior in the class, the most interesting all-wheel drive settings in the class. In addition, it is a reliable classic design. It seems that in the new Outlander the engineers have managed to maintain and enhance the brand values, and the designers have found a modern and bright package for all this.

And after the importer lowered the prices, all the fun of the new Outlander literally shines in new colors. Therefore, we recommend that you see it in person and touch it with your own hands. At the very least, you will have your own idea of ​​the new level of Mitsubishi. And as a maximum, you will get a reliable assistant for many years. After all, Mitsubishi never made one-off cars. And we hope it never starts.


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