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adidas Originals and KSENIASCNHAIDER presented a new collection

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adidas Originals and the Ukrainian creative duo Ksenia and Anton Schneider present a comprehensive collection with each other, continuing to infuse the idea of ​​”design without design” into adidas’ iconic silhouettes.

The faces of the campaign in Ukraine are Jerry Heil, a Ukrainian singer, hitmaker, songwriter, co-founder of the Nova Music label, and Daria Bilodid, a world and European judo champion.

“This collaboration is an opportunity to embrace powerful aesthetics and mix with light brand to create something new and special,” shares Ksenia Schneider.

Last year, the first full collection featured Superstar sneakers with the Ukrainian inscription “Superzirka” in white and mint colors. Before the new collection, the “Super Star” was updated in a black color with contrasting outer seams.

Once again, Brandy expanded its assortment, adding a knitted cardigan, broadcloth, a T-shirt with a printed box in an open look, and a football jersey in denim. The fabric, made of blue and yellow colors, deserves special respect.

The skin with the new collection has a green price tag, which can be found in unpleasant places. A small neon sticker sends a shout out to fashionable standards, the values ​​of clothing, and the more flirtatious people who want to know it.

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“I remember how carefully the design team of adidas and Anton chose the place for sticking the skin on the clothes and insoles so that the smells looked as “sweet” as possible,” said Ksenia Schneider.

Also, the legendary Samba sneakers have been given new life by the brand name KSENIASCNHAIDER. Made from knitted jersey, the iconic Patchwork Cardigan from the Ukrainian brand.

“I have long been convinced of the growth of germs from the skin, so the hatred from the harvest is especially accepted through strange transfers of values. It is nice to work with people who destroy the world of fashion and go directly to upcycling!”, shares Jerry Heil’s enemies.

Daria Bilodid suddenly became the face of the collaboration between adidas Originals and KSENIASCNHAIDER. The world champion means that it is not only about fashion and style, but also about the deep infusion of ideas and values ​​through clothing:

“I feel partly that there is something more, not just money. I lost my unforgettable feeling of working with a talented and creative team,” said Daria.

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The new adidas Originals x KSENIASCNHAIDER collection will be available from May 2 on adidas.ua and in selected brand stores.


KSENAISCHNAIDER is an independent sustainable brand, founded by Ksenia and Anton Schneider in Kiev in 2011. The main features of the brand are sustainable, recycled denim, patchwork and conceptual design. With its new collection, the brand challenges worn-out norms to boldly design a new look for the future.

In 2016, the world famous brand abandoned the idea of ​​demi-denim – a unique denim silhouette that complements the shape of culottes and skinny jeans. The brand’s jeans featured luminous stars, such as Bella Hadid, Celine Dion and others, and in 2017 the LYST platform named demi-denims one of the biggest luminous trends. The demi-denims model, as well as asymmetrical jeans, are the most popular models from the brand’s denim line.

About adidas Originals

With a rich sports heritage, adidas is one of the world’s leading sports brands, a global designer and distributor of sportswear and apparel – adidas Originals – a lifestyle brand founded in 2001. Rooted in the core of the adidas archive, continuously transformed by adidas Originals roots the brand from its coolness to innovation and its ability to filter the creativity and humor that manifests itself on the courts and sports arenas. Branded with the iconic Trefoil logo, dating back to 1972, and backed by those who continue to shape and celebrate creative culture, adidas Originals continues to lead the way as an innovative sportswear brand for the street.

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