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Zlata Ognevich sparked pregnancy rumors

Photo: instagram.com/zlata.ognevich

Fans of the artist posted a video from his concert on TikTok, where you can see the round stomach of the star.

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich is suspected of being pregnant for the first time. Blogger Bogdan Bespalov reported it.

These opinions of the artist’s fans were prompted by a video published on his fan page on TikTok. The video was shot at one of the artist’s concerts.

There she appeared in a black tight jumpsuit. The concert outfit emphasized the figure of the star so fans thought she was pregnant. However, there are also theories that the vocalist “breathed into his stomach.”

Zlata Ognevich herself did not comment on rumors about her possible pregnancy. Only in October 2023 did he hint at a new relationship.

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Earlier it was reported that singer Zlata Ognevich changed her image and was shocked by the result.

Zlata Ognevich criticized Ukrainians who still listen to Russian music

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