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Jerry Heil shows off his girlfriend for the first time

Photo: instagram.com/jerry.heil

The actress, who married herself in August 2021, did not advertise her personal life all this time.

Ukrainian singer Jerry Heil announced for the first time that he is no longer single.

In particular, on his Telegram channel, the star published general photos and warmly congratulated his chosen one. True, he didn’t show his face fully, and didn’t go into detail either.

“One year. I love you!”, Jerry Heil signed the photos.

In turn, the singer’s fans are divided into several camps. Some suggest that it was not his lover, but someone from the family. Others began to congratulate him, but did not understand what the word “year” meant. Some see it as a period of time where the couple’s relationship continues, while others say it is the name of the celebrity’s new choice.

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It was previously reported that Jerry Heil explained why he dropped out of Berkeley.

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