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“I freed myself from religious fundamentalism”, said Priscilla about the new phase

The artist has been a topic on the web due to her radical change in appearance and her way of working

Recently Priscilla became a topic on the web due to his radical change in appearance and the new phase of his career. The artist changed her long brown strands to short red hair.

Furthermore, Priscilla received harsh criticism for leaving the evangelical church and the sudden change and, despite this, the artist stated that her faith remains unshakable.

In conversation with The globePriscilla explained that she does not depend on a pastor or church to continue having a relationship with God.

“My faith remains at the center of my life, being the basis of my journey. Even though visually I have changed a lot, I have had updated ideas and concepts, I continue to believe in Jesus, but I am aware that my faith does not stop me from living, from dying my hair, from wearing clothes, from making music.”he explained.

“I have peace doing what I am doing, there is no conflict between me and my faith. Today it is autonomous, I don’t depend on a pastor explaining to me who Jesus is or indoctrinating me, I have been freeing myself from religious fundamentalism, preventing people from exploiting my faith”, completed.

Priscilla also spoke about why she chose to remove her last name, Alcântara, from her stage name: “The people who work with me resisted a little (laughs). Like it or not, Priscilla Alcântara as a brand has been around for a long time.”

“But I wanted to be incisive about this new phase. I understood that the ‘Alcântara’ carried baggage that would bring me more weight than lightness”, she finished.

Source: Maxima

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