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Luana Piovani talks about aesthetic procedures at age 47: “Aging is a gift”

Luana Piovani talks about aesthetic procedures at age 47: “Aging is a gift”

During a live, Luana Piovani he spoke about aesthetic procedures and criticized artists who exaggerate plastic surgery to stay young.

This is because the artist noticed that she received some compliments on her photos on Instagram due to her natural beauty, however, Luana stated that she performs some procedures on her face, such as botox and fillers.

“Many people were happy to see a woman with a normal face and said: ”What a beautiful thing, natural beauty, without procedures’. No, people! I have procedures, and lots of them, on my face. I’m all made, but made by a wizard, who knows that growing old is a gift”, she began by praising her dermatologist.

“I do botox, filler, but I don’t freeze my forehead. I don’t want to be a wall. I’m an actress, I want to have wrinkles here. I do botox, but there’s no way I can look like a fish. I just tone it down”, he said.

“You have to understand that the mouth that looks like a visor, that cheek that looks like two quail eggs, that slanted eye that looks like a pigtail and that forehead that looks like a wall, are not cool, they are not beautiful. It just makes so that all women look like plastic sex dolls”, criticized.

“If you want to look like me, avoid excesses. What we have most are examples of women who don’t know how to age. I do procedures, but I’m consistent”, finished.

Source: Maxima

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