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Alyona Alyona admitted that her health had deteriorated

Alyona Alyona admitted that her health had deteriorated


According to the star, she got sick due to constant stress, surgery in February, and being overweight.

Ukrainian rap artist Alyona Alyona told fans that she is experiencing health problems. He announced this on his Instagram page.

“About my previous tests. I did a lot of tests, the results came back, and they weren’t very good. I developed a lot of resistance from a stressful lifestyle. And my cholesterol started to rise very much. I never had this before. And the uric acid increased a little. These are my standard problems… a person’s problem with the body,” she said.

The artist also added that the long-term use of drugs, especially the hormones prescribed to him after surgery, leads to thrombosis, so he needs to conduct additional laboratory tests.

“I will also be tested for blood density. Why? Because after the female surgery, which I had in February, almost a year ago, I have been taking female hormones for nine months. And they are strong. They affect blood density, and when you take it for a long time, you need to avoid the formation of blood clots. That’s why I will donate blood for density,” the singer added.

Earlier it was reported that Alyona Alyona, whose real name is Elena Savranenko, announced that she will take a creative break for three months.

Bogdan Sheludyak who is seriously ill spoke about his health

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Source: korrespondent

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