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“I can’t lie about my life”

Cleo had said that Fábio Jr. was absent in her life and terrible for Gloria Pires

Cleo broke the silence and spoke out after criticizing Fábio Jr. A few days ago, the singer had said that the artist was absent in his growth and was a terrible person to be with. Gloria Piresyour mother.

After exposing the family relationship during the program Luana is from the moonin Luana Piovanithe actress was criticized by some internet users.

Days later, the artist decided to explain her side of the story and said that families are not perfect and hers is normal, like the rest.

“I said that my father Fábio was terrible to my mother and was absent from my life. That’s true, guys, and it doesn’t have to be a problem to say that. That’s my experience, my life. I can’t lie about mine life. There is a taboo that the family has to be perfect. And my family is not perfect, it is like everyone else’s”, he said.

She completed:“My father is a guy I love very much. We had a very difficult relationship because of all these things I said on the program and we sorted it out. Nowadays, we have a very loving relationship, very respect, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about the things that happened. So, get it together in therapy or wherever you like and stop bothering me.”.

Source: Maxima

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