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This is baseless. Ani Lorak complained about criticism from Ukrainians

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The artist did not condemn the war in his native Ukraine, but instead continued to perform in Russia.

Singer Ani Lorak, who remains silent about the massive war on the territory of Ukraine, complained to Russian propagandists about the wave of hatred from people from her homeland.

In particular, on the air of the Central Television program on the NTV channel, he said that the criticism of him was unfair and baseless.

“I cried with hopelessness and injustice. It was very difficult for me, because I am also a person, and above all a woman, and I am very hurt when it is not reasonable. My family, my daughter, my mother and the support of the audience, help me. My concert is sold out, and people still call me on the phone and ask me to perform in different cities – this is what keeps me going,” Lorak complained about the Ukrainians on the Central Television show on NTV He said that he was ready for a wave of hatred, however, he endured it very hard, adding that the criticism of him was unfair and unfounded.

It was previously reported that Ani Lorak justified the Russians for helping the Ukrainians during the war.

Ani Lorak embarrassed herself with a cynical statement on Children’s Day
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