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Learn how to protect yourself from the negative energy of others

The mystic, astrologer and tarot reader Victor Valentim also explained how to know if you are being hit by bad vibrations from people who wish you harm.

It’s not always easy to stay away from people with negative energy or people who wish you harm. They could be from a family member or someone at work. The way is to protect yourself.

The mystic, astrologer and tarot reader Victor Valentim explained that you need to be careful with the influence of energies that are in your home (a relative or neighbor who will visit you) or on the street.

“When you leave the house you will automatically be influenced by people outside your home. What you can do during your daily life, for example, at work, in meetings or things like that, is to cross your arms. Every time you suffer energetic influences from a person through telepathy, a person who doesn’t like you, it is very important that you close your energy fields, your chakras. It’s like body language. When you cross your arms or crosses your legs, it is a way that you protect yourself so that no energetic influence from these external people comes to you. If this energy is inside your home, it is very important that you always take care of the energy in your home and your room , it is like air, it flows through the place and is connected to you and everyone around you. Therefore, this person’s magnetism needs to be purified. We normally purify the energy of the air with ancient methods used in the practices of native to the land of ancient indigenous people, which are, for example, palo santo, white sage, which are natural smoking methods, where you can use herbal sticks to smoke the environment. This can be done at home or at work to protect yourself from these bad energies”, commented.

Victor taught a common trick if you feel a lot of negative energy from people at work or in other external environments. “You can cover your navel. This is a way for you to cover the vibrational field of entry and exit of your vital energies, which are in the umbilical chakra, which is your ectoplasm that circulates there. When you cover your navel in some events , you can protect this energy input and output. Additionally, you can use stones and crystals that protect your energy, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, onyx and black kyanite (witch’s broom). These four stones are very good for energetic protection so you can protect yourself against vibrations from negative people. Therefore, if you go out with these stones, if you take care of your vibrational field with smokes, with baths, this will help you a lot to protect yourself from zika and backrests for external people”he commented.

And how to know if you are absorbing someone’s negative energy or if there is someone mentally wishing you harm. Victor highlighted the main symptoms. It is important to note that some of them may be caused by health problems. So, it is important that you see a doctor, in addition to taking care of your spiritual health.

“People who suffer a lot of headaches, difficulty sleeping, feel a lot of muscle pain. This is all the influence, sometimes, of the mind of people who are wishing them harm. What is recommended? Taking herbal baths, doing smokes. What is recommended? How can you take a herbal bath in a very practical, easy and simple way? Take a sprig of fresh rosemary, hang it in your shower and turn on the shower water. Just having the rosemary hit the water and touch your body will help with a positive energy purification. Seawater baths, waterfall baths, reconnection with the earth is very positive for people to also return to their state of harmony and feel calmer, more peaceful and reenergized”, he stated.

The mystic said that it is inevitable that you will not be influenced by negative energies. “Leave your home, you will have influence. These purifications, cleansings and energizations need to be constant, to be done sporadically. You will always work with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual field. Many people are experiencing anxiety and depression problems because They need to take care of these energy fields. There’s no point in just lighting candles. You have to do physical exercise, eat healthy, take care of your mind, do things that are healthy”concluded.

Source: Maxima

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