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Lizzo plans to sue the dancers who rebelled against her

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The dancers accuse the artist of sexual and racial harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

American singer Lizzo, accused of harassing and body shaming her former dancers, will file a lawsuit against Crystal Williams, Noel Rodriguez and Arianna Davis, writes the Daily Mail.

The dancers accuse the artist of sexual and racial harassment and creating a hostile work environment. They say the body-positive pop icon dragged them to embarrassing sex shows while on tour in Europe in February and March 2023.

Lizzo himself said that he never forced anyone to do anything.

Now there are pictures of the situation. Photos show all three dancers happily topless with artists backstage at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris on March 5, 2023.

“As the old saying goes, your thousand words are unseen, looks speak volumes. In their lawsuit, the three plaintiffs allege that they were forced to attend a Crazy Horse show on March 5, 2023 that against their will. In fact, after watching a topless dance show, they went backstage with the other Big Grrrls girls where they met the artists. Photos and video show Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez play backstage with Crazy Horse dancers in colorful wigs. The three plaintiffs, who were seen having fun backstage after a topless show, were taken following the their visit to Bananenbar in Amsterdam in February 2023, which they complain about in their lawsuit. took too long and decided to return for the third leg of Lizzo’s tour,” said the artist’s lawyer.

For its part, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Neamah Rahmani, said:

“Of course they want to keep their jobs. They have to pay their bills like everyone else, but ultimately they’re fed up with the abuse. We support all the claims in the lawsuit and look forward to trial. We’ve heard from other former employees sharing similar stories, and as seen in today’s Los Angeles Times article about how Lizzo used intimate footage of his dancers without approval in the 2022 HBO Max documentary Lizzo in Love, we see a larger pattern in how much Lizzo thinks about those who work for her. Clearly, not so much.”

It will be recalled that the dancers in their lawsuit say that the singer who promotes body-positivity paid too much attention to the weight of the ballet participants.

Lizzo responds to shocking allegations by former employees
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