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Renata Sorrah goes back on being a woman being bisexual

Renata Sorrah had assumed to be a bisexual woman. At 76, the actress had opened a chapter of her personal life and commented on her sexual orientation.

However, the star went back and explained that, in fact, everything was just a misunderstanding. The artist insisted on clarifying what had happened.

It all happened when Renata was in the audience of the play Transpophageal Manifest and the protagonist questioned who identified themselves as a bisexual person. At the time, the actress raised her hand and hinted that she identified as a bisexual woman.

In an interview with O Globo, the artist explained what really happened at that moment and clarified the situation.

“They put it as if it were a declaration of mine about bisexuality. It was not a declaration of anything. Everything Renata asked at that moment I would raise my hand just to be together. ‘Who is trans?’, ‘Who is straight?’. There I was. it was all.”, she said.

The star continued: “I was moved by the mothers, sisters of transgender women and men who were there. I raised my hand in the sense of being arm in arm with everyone, all these wonderful people who were there.”

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