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Jeez! Danilo Gentili complains about politics and reveals that he hates Felipe Neto

During his participation in Flow Podcast, the comedian spoke about censorship during Jair Bolsonaro’s term and detonated the youtuber

Last Thursday, the 1st, Danilo Gentili participated in the flow podcast and talked about the “censorship” he suffered during the former president’s government, Jair Bolsonaroduring the conversation, the comedian commented on politics and revealed that he hates Felipe Neto.

“When we are talking about censorship, these guys come pretending, (they say) ‘do the L’… As much as I hate Felipe Neto, who is a real mess, they went there to pester Felipe Neto for his opinions” , he spoke.

“So you see that it is not a problem of bolsonarismo and petismo, it is the two fighting so that it does not have an independent voice”, completed.

Danilo told how many times he was “censored” by the former government: “They went to ask the STF to arrest me. Augusto Aras (Attorney General of the Republic) first asked for my house arrest, so that I would not leave Santo André, and so that I would not approach Brasília, but the STF denied it, seeing it as an exaggeration.”

“Then Aras asked that my social networks be banned. Who put Aras there?”, he said.

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