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Karina Bacchi defends herself after being blamed for the end of the marriage

Karina Bacchi and Amaury Nunes chose to break up their marriage

Since the end of the marriage of Karina Bacchi and Amaury Nunes was communicated, there were rumors on the internet that pointed out that the blonde was to blame for the end of the relationship.

On social media, people said that the reason for the breakup of the relationship was Karina’s religious fanaticism.

The presenter participated in a conversation with a former volleyball player Paula Barros on your podcast Positively and talked about being judged when it comes to that.

“It’s hard for us to express our opinions, even if we’re not speaking against other people or other choices. When we talk about our own life, our own choice. It seems like we can’t even do that!”said.

Karina also spoke about her faith: “I realize that many Christians are sometimes feeling ashamed, feeling discouraged even talking about their faith. Because, if you are talking about your faith, it is a sign that you are against the other who has no faith.”

“The Word of God asks us to communicate and transmit the Word. I think that those who have real conversion cannot keep their mouths shut, right? It’s natural, they’re stronger than us!”, he said.


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