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Understand why astrology is a tool of self-knowledge

Astrology translates what the dance of the stars represents here on Earth and its influence on us.

“I don’t believe in horoscopes”. Comments like this often come across as sneering, as if astrology boils down to five lines of predictions in the newspaper. “Sceptics, who see astrology as pseudoscience, do not realize that they are annulling an entire production of millennial content”, says astrologer Marcelo Dalla, responsible for the daily horoscope on the IG portal.

Astrology, after all, comprises a set of millenary studies, which began from the perception of celestial events and their influence on humanity. “It is the rescue of a knowledge of more than 6 thousand years, certainly unknown, both by those who call themselves skeptics and by those who believe that it is possible to be guided by five lines. It goes beyond moral, social or religious”, says astrologer Ana Thomazini, in the poetic tone she usually uses in her Instagram posts Vespertina Astrologia.

Use of astrology throughout history

For those who swear that religion and astrology do not mix, it is worth remembering that, according to historians, the Magi Kings were wise men inspired by priests of Zoroastrianism, a Persian religion linked to reading the sky. ′′ The Magi Kings were guided by the stars to find the baby Jesus. So much so that the Day of the Astrologer is celebrated on January 6, Epiphany”, says Marcelo.

Primitive societies already made use of the sundial in agriculture, as a guide for planting and harvesting. In Mesopotamia, archaeologists found clay tablets with predictions of lunar and solar eclipses from 1000 BC At the height of the Roman Empire, astrology influenced kings and queens in the Renaissance.

One of the most respected names of that time is the Englishman John Dee (1527 AD), astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, who never took a step without consulting him. In the film Elizabeth, starring actress Cate Blanchett, when she ascends the throne, Dee is tasked with indicating the most auspicious day for the coronation. And Elizabeth reigned for over 40 years.

In the Inquisition, however, astrologers were delegated to witches and there was a hiatus. In the 19th and 21st centuries, ancient knowledge was rescued and directed towards psychology and self-knowledge.

The natal chart represents the frequency of the Universe at the time of a person’s birth (Image: Shyntartanya | Shutterstock)

astrology as compass

In 1990, NASA showed a photo of the Earth taken from space 6.4 billion kilometers away, proving how small we are in the face of the immensity of the cosmos. “Science is not the totality, the Universe is the totality, and science keeps trying to unravel it”, says Priscila de Charbonnières, astrologer at Vida Simples, life coach and creator of the astrology app Soulloop. “Astrology brings information from the archetypes of humanity of which we are all a part. The natal chart is the mirror of the soul, of the frequency of the Universe at the moment of birth, ”she says.

Ah, so all Scorpio people in the entire planet, would they be the same? “Only if you were born at the same time, place, minute, second and millimeter of a second”, she says. It is necessary to take into account every nuance of the natal chart – or astral chart. “For each person of the same sign there is a spectrum, from sky blue to navy blue”, she says.

accessing the unconscious

Priscila claims that astrological archetypes help to access the unconscious and dictate repetitive patterns of behavior. “Astrology helps us to remove the veils of the unconscious, access intuition and make better decisions”, she defends.

It is not for nothing that, during a map reading, what the astrologer says sounds like confirmation of something that the person already knew or did not realize. Ana Thomazini tries to choose an example that illustrates this magical moment. “That’s when I say: ‘you know you’re coming out of this depression, don’t you?’. The announcement alone constitutes a kind of miracle that mobilizes the person to meet their deep soul need”, she says.

“O natal chart it’s like an instruction manual for a device. You can use just two functions or access all of them”, says Robson Papaleo, founder of Escola Gaia de Astrologia, one of the most traditional in São Paulo, with 30 years of experience.

However, astrology is a manual with free will. “Therefore, there is no such thing as a bad map. By having access to it, you appropriate the possibilities. A skilled astrologer can help you to explore your maximum potential”, clarifies Robson.

Moon phases
In astrology, the Moon relates to emotional life (Image: Elena11 | Shutterstock)

From micro to macro

Thinking about astrology in everyday terms, it is enough to know that, for each phase of the Moon, there is a collectively activated temperament. “Astrological time happens inside and outside of us. The Moon, as it grows, warms our moods, emotions and even feelings associated with childhood. Understanding that what you experience internally also dialogues with the experiences of your surroundings is important”, says Ana.

She also draws attention to the so-called Great Conjunctions – such as a meeting between two slower planets, Jupiter and Saturn –, capable of mobilizing structural themes in society for about 200 years.

Today, there are branches, such as world astrology, focused on government decisions, and astrocartography, linked to cities and their development, to name just two. The map can also be interpreted by karmic bias, taking into account past lives, or business, focusing on the possibilities of a business and even to check Tendencies of health.

astrological complexity

Of course, just like in the five lines of the newspaper, it is not possible to explain the complexity of astrology here. Here is a brief reflection on the skepticism that surrounds the theme, opening up the possibility of observing the sky with different eyes. As Ana says, “astrology re-enchants existence because it reminds us that, just as we look at the ground we step on, it is important to look at the sky of which we are a part in something immense and dynamic”.

By Rosane Queiroz – Vida Simples magazine

He is a journalist and, more than following predictions, he likes to understand how the stars are a source of self-knowledge.

Source: Maxima

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