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Chinese horoscope predictions for April

Check out the characteristics of each animal and see how the Dragon’s energy will influence the 12 signs in April

The Dragon is a symbol of nobility, confidence and pride. According to Adriana Di Lima, consultant and professor of Chinese Oriental Astrology, the energetic influences of this sign will be on the rise in April. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the month with a lot of creative activity. Next, the expert tells what the trends are for each sign. Check out!


O Mouse He is curious by nature and able to face challenges and difficulties that come his way. In April, you will take advantage of the presence of mind that the Dragon offers to face your challenges efficiently, with firmness and precision in your actions.


The native of Tigre presents an exceptional dynamism in his actions. His vigor is exhilarating and yet manages to be endearing when he is determined to achieve something. In April, he should pay attention to the tendency towards aggressive energy, as the natural haughtiness that the moment brings could affect his way of responding.


Considered one of the most fortunate signs, the Rabbit has a natural grace in conduct and mode of action. It brings, most of the time, a sensible judgment of the most everyday things. Therefore, diplomacy in him is evident. This month, combining the haughty and confident energy that the Dragon brings with your sensitivity, there may be more balance in your mode of action.


the native of Dragon he has a lot of vitality and an extravagant way of life. He places himself with a certain haughtiness in ordinary processes. In April, your characteristics involving vanity and overconfidence may become more pronounced. Therefore, attention should be focused on harmonizing this tendency with balance and empathy for the external.

Determination will be a great ally this month (Image: Marish | ShutterStock)


The Buffalo acts, most of the time, with calm and common sense. Generally, you are conservative and naturally seek to be independent. This month, look for new ways to boost your goals. In addition, determination can help you with questions that remain unfinished.


The Serpent is the sign of the philosopher. With their cunning, this native is a deep thinker. He has innate wisdom and maintains his presence of mind even in challenging times. This month, he uses the preference of nobler and more selective states that the Dragon represents and, in this way, uses his intelligence, which may become more noticeable.


The adventure excites the Horse to live with more freedom and pleasure. Sometimes, he may seem self-centered because of his choices and self-confidence in acting according to his inclinations. This month, avoid trying to control things beyond what you can, as you may be more aggressive in this condition; while you can let go of that harmful weight.


The Goat is a sign that presents itself with integrity and sincerity. Get what you want without resorting to force. The emotional response, most of the time, prevails in their actions. April will be great for putting direction in your actions, balancing reason and then moving forward with confidence.


O Monkey it is the sign of the inventor. He is a native who can easily improvise when a challenge arises. In addition, he knows how to use innovative resources due to his natural ability. In April, the renewing strength that the Dragon offers will help you in your new discoveries and experiences.

Rooster Picture - Chinese Horoscope
In the month of April, trust those who are already with you more (Image: Marish | ShutterStock)


Due to its marked haughtiness in its territory, the Rooster appears to be a fearless hero. That’s because he needs to feel safe in his domain of territory. In April, the domain of his territory can be shared with people you trust. Therefore, delegate and trust those who are already with you more.


The loyalty of the Dog native is very apparent. He maintains, most of the time, constancy in his actions, and can be understanding. In April, be open to the surprises that the moment can bring, because the new can be more interesting than you imagine.


The Boar is the sign of honesty and simplicity. Moral strength becomes a considerable part of their conduct. It brings the tendency to be naive, which can limit your perceptions. In April, the Dragon’s haughty and confident posture will bring you the benefits of looking at things with different eyes. By sharpening these senses and maturing your external gaze, the benefits will be seen.

Consultant Adriana Di Lima provides, in her sitemore information and content related to Feng Shui care and Chinese Astrology.

Source: Maxima

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