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Characteristics and curiosities about Persian cats

Of mysterious origin, this breed brings together eccentricities and very interesting physical and behavioral traits.

The Persian is one of the most popular and beloved cat breeds around the world, but its history is shrouded in mystery and legend. There are several theories about the origin of these pets. One of them claims that they are descendants of wild cats that inhabited the region of Persia, present-day Iran, and were domesticated by the ancient Persians. Another suggested hypothesis is that this breed is the result of a mixture of short-haired cats brought to Persia by European traders in the 17th century.

However, regardless of the speculations, some points leave no room for doubt: these animals are very beautiful, have a personality gentle and are considered a charming presence in any home. Thinking about it, we separate some characteristics and curiosities about them. Check out!

Physical characteristics

  • flattened face: this face shape is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Persian cats. It is the result of a genetic mutation that changes the bone structure of the skull and, consequently, causes a short nose and a flat face;
  • Long, dense and soft coat: Due to these characteristics, it is important to brush the Persian’s coat regularly. In this way, tangles are avoided and the cats are guaranteed to have a beautiful and shiny coat. healthy;
  • Short, compact legs: due to these aspects, they are not as active as other cat breeds, preferring to relax in comfortable places.
Persian cats can spend hours alone at home (Image: Liliya Kulianionak | ShutterStock)

behavioral aspects

  • Independence: the cats persiansthey are generally independent and do not need much attention or interaction with their tutors. They are known to be happy to spend long hours alone at home;
  • Affection: although they may be independentare also fond of tutors and like to receive attention and affection;
  • Adaptability: they are adaptable and can adjust well in different environments, including apartments and houses with or without gardens;
  • Vocalization: they tend to be less vocal than other cat breeds, but they can still meow and purr when they are happy and comfortable. They may also vocalize to get attention or ask for food.


  • Popular in the art world: they are often depicted in art and pop culture;
  • Changed over time: the first cats Persians were very different from today in terms of appearance. They had a longer, narrower snout and leaner body;
  • Competition race: they are usually shown in cat competitions around the world, where they are judged on their appearance, personality and conformation with the breed standard;
  • Prize winner: in 1871, the first modern cat show was held in London, England, where a Persian cat won the “Best Cat” award;
  • Disease prone: some common health issues in cats of this breed are problems respiratory, renal and skin;
  • Very clever: they can learn many skills, such as catching toys and bringing them back to their owners.

Source: Maxima

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