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Why do parents sometimes prefer to lie to their children?

Everyone remembers the story boy who cried wolf, an old fable whose purpose was to make children understand the evils of lying. Most parents try to educate their children by instilling in them that they should not lie, no matter what the circumstances, because lying is wrong.

However, in many situations, parents themselves lie, and children understand very early that the use of lies is quite common in our social interactions. “We learn very early on that we should avoid hurting others as much as possible with what we say, even if it is the truth.“, – notes Sophie Richardot, doctor of social psychology and lecturer of educational sciences at the University of Picardy, specialist in issues related to moral development.

Extenuating circumstances

To understand this is to distinguish between antisocial lies and prosocial lies. If you tell your friend that his favorite bar is closed…

Source: Le Figaro

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