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When the brain refuses to recognize faces

Social conventions dictate that when you meet someone, you greet them. Some people are very good at this little game. they remember at first sight who the person they meet is, what their name is, and in what context they met, even if they only saw them once, just once, a long time ago. . But for others, things are more complicated: why and how should you greet someone you don’t know at all? This inability to recognize faces is called prosopagnosia, from the Greek propone”, face”, and diagnosis, lack of knowledge”.

And he sometimes has to do some weird stunts to avoid coming across as a cad… I’ve become an expert at the small, reserved smile that doesn’t involve much, associated with quirks, until I’ve gathered enough clues to identify my interlocutor.testifies Julie, in her forties. I use more or less effective tricks to keep people from giving up…

Source: Le Figaro

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