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Malaria. will vaccines finally eradicate the disease?

The horizon finally seems to be brightening in the fight against malaria. for the first time, credible prospects for eradication are emerging for decades to come, and effective vaccines are beginning to emerge. They open a completely new field of action against a pathology that kills children first (more than 90% of victims are under 5 years old), while some current treatments risk losing their effectiveness. The first vaccine, the result of a thirty-year effort by the GSK company, was timidly approved by the WHO for vaccinating children in endemic areas in 2021, despite unimpressive results. Phase 3 trials of a second vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, show better efficacy at a lower cost.

The search for a vaccine against malaria practically began with the discovery of the parasite at the end of the 19th century.e century, when doctors noticed that most adults lived…

Source: Le Figaro

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