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“They threw me into the food of wolves.” Explosive new trailers for Harry and Meghan documentary.

The Sussexes have released two new trailers for their documentary sequel on December 12th and 14th. The next three episodes will premiere on December 15 on Netflix.

For them, it was about escaping the ordeal that the British royal family went through. The new explosion theme for episodes of Harry and Meghan, online Dec. 15 on Netflix, does seem to be the tipping point for the crown and the beginning of a new life for the renegade couple across the Atlantic. In the second official trailer, released this Monday, December 12, the Sussexes revealed new images and shocking expressions. “We’ve got to go,” assured a determined, solemn Prince Harry before he and his wife boarded the ‘freedom plane’.

First three disappointing episodes

The first half of the documentary directed by Liz Garbus was disappointing. Contrary to expectations, it did not contain its share of startling revelations. However, the tone of this new trailer suggests we’re (finally) getting to the heart of the matter. The most daring of the declarations is certainly this one, uttered by Prince Harry. “They were happy to lie to protect my brother. They never wanted to tell the truth to protect us. The Duke of Sussex does not specify who he is referring to with his “they”.

Organized disinformation

Meghan Markle has also launched her spiky formula, though not naming anyone (yet). A few seconds ago, Archie and Lilibeth’s father talks in the same vein and as if to prepare the ground about “destructive institutional manipulation”.

Social media disinformation expert Christopher Boozy, who already appeared in the first episodes, makes another appearance in this second trailer. He said. “They (pronoun whose meaning remains unclear) were actively recruiting people to spread misinformation.”

In a sequence of just over a minute, pictures of the couple, who are now settled in California with their family, appear to be done. “It’s given us the opportunity to create the home we’ve always wanted,” the Duchess of Sussex said, before her husband concluded: “I always knew it was a fight worth fighting for.” Is it the same with the uproar and media fallout this documentary has caused? Just a few days before forming a full opinion.

In the video: the third trailer of the document Harry and Meghan


Meghan Markle’s lawyer, Jenny Afia, went in the same direction in the third trailer, which was released on December 14. “There has been a war on Meghan” from Buckingham to “serve some people’s ends,” he said.

Another voice was added to these accusations. Lucy Fraser, Meghan Markle’s girlfriend. He says. “Meg has become the scapegoat of the palace”, suggesting that the royal family deliberately leaked information about her to prevent other, more incriminating facts from appearing in the papers.

Fight against the press

What does Prince Harry’s wife add? “There was a story about someone in the family, and a minute later they (without knowing who it was about) editor’s note) said: “We have to make this history disappear.” The straw that broke the camel’s back. The rain of negative articles about the breakup of Meghan Markle’s relationship with her father, Thomas Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex then recalls the mechanism of English tabloids. “There is a place for something ‘royal’ on the homepage, just like there is on the cover of the log.” According to him, the press will always deal with that allocated space, regardless of what facts they will tell. This piece shows a battle that is arguably more underground than what the couple are waging against the Windsors, particularly what they’re waging against the British tabloid industry, as it reminds Keeper December 13. The first. For decades, the British Crown has had a habit of keeping a low profile in the face of press attacks. Beginning of a new era.

In the video: the wedding dance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Source: Le Figaro

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