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Guns N’ Roses thanked the Peruvian audience after the concert in Lima: “What a night!”

Axl Rose and Slash are the two legendary members of Guns N’ Roses, an 80s rock band that is still going strong all over the world. | Font: AFP

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On October 8, legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses filled the San Marcos stadium with a concert preceded by Mexicans from Molotov. The night was remembered both by the fans and by the American band, who on Monday left several postcards on their social networks about their stay in our country.

From their Instagram account, where they have over 6 million followers, the group consists of Axl Rose, slash D fool he was grateful to the national public. With a reel of seven photographs, he left evidence of his performance in Lima with a caption that reads: “Peru, what a night! Thank you for coming!”

concert Hans n Rose in Lima was part of his tour’South America: Fall 2022′. Their return to Peruvian lands came six years later when, just like last Saturday, they put on an explosive show at the Monumental Stadium in front of an average of 40,000 souls.

The band’s tour of South America ended in Bogota, Colombia, where they gave two presentations on October 11 and 12. This tour proved to be a real event that strengthened the relationship between the writers of “Paradise City” and their Latin American followers.

Guns N’ Roses in Lima

With the support of Ukraine at the height of its war against Russia, they opened Hans n Rose his concert in Lima. ‘It’s so Easy’ was the song that kicked off the 2-hour concert, during which Axl Rose, Slash and Duff, founding members of the band who continue to make presentations, provided compelling evidence of their authenticity.

“Welcome to the Jungle”, “Live and Let Die” and “You Could Be Mine” were other songs the Eighties band gave to their Peruvian audience. There was also a tribute to the Misfits with their own version of the song “Attitude”. With “Civil War”, the group once again declared its commitment to the cause of Ukraine by broadcasting the flag of a European country on its main screen.

Those present also witnessed the guitar prodigy. slashperforming a catchy guitar solo that gave way to “Sweet Child o’ Mine”, one of the hymns Hans n Rose. “November Rain” also shook the hearts of fans, as did “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”.

“Coma”, “Patience”, “Don’t Cry” and “Paradise City” added choirs and pogos to the performance, which culminated in Axl Rose throwing a red rose to his audience.

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Source: RPP

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