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5 Disney animations that don’t have a love story

Check out a list of stories produced by Disney where romantic love does not appear as one of the highlights of the plots

With stories like “Beauty and the Beast” (1991) and “UP — Altas Aventuras” (2009), Disney has achieved an incredible legacy in the film industry that began through its animations, among these, those that portray stories where the Romance is one of the high points, as is the case in the two titles mentioned, in which love is portrayed in an inspiring way and full of valuable lessons.

Although the narratives that address romantic love are some of the studio’s most popular, there are several other works that bring themes such as adventure and friendship that are as exciting to follow as these. With this in mind, RECREIO put together a list of 5 of these films; look!

1. Moana

Moana in a frame from the 2016 film / Credit: Reproduction/ Disney

In 2016, the Disney has a new princess: Moana, who appears in the feature film that bears her name, does not have any romantic partner. The protagonist’s adventure is focused on saving her people, who live in a Polynesian village, after the place begins to collapse years after the demigod Maui stole Te Fiti’s heart to give as a gift to humans.

During the journey alongside Maui, the rooster HeiHei and the pig Pua, Moana will sail on the high seas for days on end, encountering creatures of all kinds and discovering diverse stories of the underworld.

2. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Scene from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ / Credit: Reproduction/ Disney

Inspired by the book of the same name written by Lewis Carroll‘Alice in Wonderland’ became part of the Disney animation catalog in 1951, to present the title character of the plot who, amid the daily monotony, finds herself in a completely new world full of eccentric things and beings after following a mysterious white rabbit.

3. Operation Big Hero

Big hero operation
Promotional image for ‘Operação Big Hero’ / Credit: Reproduction/ Disney

After losing his older brother, Hiro Hamada is cared for by a large, white inflatable robot called BayMax, which was programmed to protect him. In ‘Operation Big Hero’ their journey becomes even more intense when Hiro, a young robotics genius, decides to form a team of heroes to save the city they live in, San Fransokyo, as it becomes the scene of devastating and mysterious actions.

4. The Emperor’s New Groove

The Emperor's New Groove
Promotional image for ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ (2000) / Credit: Disclosure/Disney

Jaburu, jabucreia, jaburanga… how can we forget the debauched Emperor Kuzco presented in ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ (2000)? The character, who has extremely selfish attitudes in the plot, goes through a real learning experience when he is transformed into a Llama by Kronk, henchman of his advisor, Yzma, as he will have to become more empathetic and kind if he wants to return to the throne, since the only one who can help him return to the kingdom is a humble peasant named Pacha.

5. Mowgli: The Wolf Boy

'The Jungle Book'
Baloo, Mogli and Baguera in a scene from ‘The Jungle Book’ /Credit: Reproduction/ Disney

Only one boy, Mogli, who was raised by wolves, is forced to leave his home when his life is threatened by a fearsome tiger. From then on, he embarks on a journey of maturity and discovery alongside a bear named Balu and a panther named Baguera, with whom he will learn valuable lessons about himself and life before finding his new place in the world. .

It is worth remembering that ‘The Jungle Book’ (1942) is an adaptation of ‘The Jungle Book’, a work by the author Rudyard Kiplinglaunched in 1894.

Source: Recreio

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