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RBD breaks silence after accusations of embezzlement on “Soy Rebelde Tour”

The Mexican group RBD shared a statement on social media regarding accusations of embezzlement on their last tour

This Wednesday, the 22nd, the Mexican group RBD spoke out through social media following accusations of embezzlement involving the band’s manager and executive at T6H Entertainment, Guillermo Rosas. The case took place in 2022, and all members claim that there were financial irregularities.

Check out the statement shared by Souls Productions Inc. on behalf of the five band members:

To our fans, media and general public:

It is important for us to address the recent statements made by T6H Entertainment and the speculation in some media about the Soy Rebelde Tour.

We want to thank our beloved fans for their unwavering support during this challenging time.

Contrary to claims made by T6H Entertainment, the forensic accounting investigation conducted by Citrin Cooperman revealed significant irregularities.

Specifically, the report indicated that T6H Entertainment has received tour-related funds since December 2022, of which nearly $1 million remains unverified, i.e., unaccounted for, even after considering the receipts and documents that T6H Entertainment provided.

It is important to highlight that Citrin Cooperman was recommended by T6H Entertainment, a company with which they had previous negotiations. Furthermore, T6H hindered the process by not signing the necessary documents to resolve payments and the tour. This is because the original contracts with the companies were signed with T6H, and without their signature we cannot finalize.

It is crucial to clarify that the only entities responsible for tour payments were T6H in the initial phase and later Citrin Cooperman, who served as the tour’s business manager. None of the group members had access to manage the money or make payments.

Given the considerable amount of money involved and the discrepancies found, all of our projects are currently on hold. We had to pause this dream shared with you, including a possible continuation of the tour.

Simran A. Singh of the law firm Singh, Singh & Trauben, LLP, based in Beverly Hills, CA, is representing the group in this matter and working with all parties to reach a resolution.

Our goal has always been to resolve these discrepancies professionally. We remain committed to cooperating with all parties involved to reach a fair and transparent resolution. Our integrity and the trust of our fans are paramount and we will not rest until these issues are fully resolved.

We are grateful for our fans’ continued patience and understanding and promise to keep you informed as we work to reach a resolution.

Thank you for being with us.”

Through People Spain Magazine, Guillermo published a note denying the financial diversion:

“At no time did T6H Entertainment, nor any company employee, divert or make illicit use of any type of money from Soy Rebelde Tour. He also did not participate in any type of embezzlement of any kind, as suggested by some media outlets.”

Since the broadcast of the soap opera “Rebelde”, Guillermo maintained an active relationship with the band members. But, in January of this year, the member Maite Perroni confirmed the businessman’s removal from the group’s activities. Fans had already suspected the information since the beginning of the tour, when Anahianother member, removed the information about the production company T6H Entertainment from her Instagram bio.

Source: Recreio

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