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Who are the biggest Piston Cup record holders? Fans theorize

Discover which ‘Cars’ competitors and teams achieved records in the most prestigious championship in this universe: the Piston Cup!

One of Pixar’s greatest titles is ‘Cars’, a film released in 2006 that features Lightning McQueen, a racing car with a high ego who ends up getting lost while heading to an important competition and stops in Radiator Springs, a small town on Route 66, where he will know the value of friendship and love, as well as learning that winning is not the only thing that matters.

The success of the film was so great that it gave rise to a successful franchise, where the popular red car appears in two more sequels released in 2011 and 2017, becoming a powerful name, as it achieved a record never surpassed in the biggest and most important automobile championship: the Piston Cup.

Before revealing the brand obtained by McQueen, it is necessary to understand that the Piston Cup is an American stock car racing championship, which emerged in 1940 with dirt track circuits, but which, over the years, underwent changes and today it only covers competitors willing to race on asphalt.

Thus, McQueen, who was in the competition between 2006 and 2016, secured seven golden trophies, becoming the competitor with the most victories among all editions!

Lightning McQueen /Credit: Reproduction/Pixar

Although much information about the championship remains secret from Pixar, fans of the franchise dedicated themselves to finding out who the characters are who, like the main star of the films, achieved important records in the Piston Cup, and gathered the main information through a thread on X (formerly Twitter).

This happened in 2022, when the user @lucasksio researched, through fan communities, who were the competitors who won the most races, which teams had the most titles, and more.

Check out some of them below:

Top 10 Piston Cup winners

  1. Strip Weathers ‘The King’: won 118 races
  2. Lightning McQueen: won 92 races
  3. Doc Hudson: won 78 races
  4. Chick Hicks: won 60 races
  5. Dale Earnhardt Sr: won 58 races
  6. Bobby Carsac: won 51 races
  7. Cal Weathers: won 50 races
  8. Don Chapcar: won 49 races
  9. Kraig Shiftright ‘The Ninja’: won 44 races
  10. Joe Allen Foyt: won 41 races

Top 10 competitors who won the most poles

  1. Lightning McQueen: 98 poles
  2. Strip Weathers ‘The King’: 78 poles
  3. Doc Hudson: 76 poles
  4. Dale Earnhardt Sr: 70 poles
  5. Bobby Carsac: 68 poles
  6. Don Chapcar: 60 poles
  7. Kraig Shiftright ‘The Ninja’: 53 poles
  8. Joe Allen Foyt: 48 poles
  9. Slide Powers: 35 poles
  10. Jackson Storm: 32 poles

Second place record holder

  • Chick Hicks: 7 vice-leaders (1986, 1987, 1992, 1994, 2001, 2002, 2003)

Teams with the most titles

  • Dinoco: 11 titles
  • RusTeze: 8 titles
  • Clutch Aid: 6 titles
  • Vitoline: 5 titles
  • Nitroade: 4 titles

Names that competed the most

  • The King: 18 seasons (1987 to 2005)
  • Chick Hicks: 18 seasons (1985 to 1994 & 1997 to 2005)

Most wins in season

  • Strip Weathers ‘The King’: Won 83 of 483 regular seasons overall
  • Doc Hudson (1952): won 27 of 29 full seasons (Regular + Knockout)

See the full thread:

Source: Recreio

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