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Julianne Moore. “We’re finally starting to see women on screen at all stages of their lives”

On May 19, the actress was a guest at the Cannes Film Festival at the Women In Motion talk, which was planned to promote arts and culture professionals from the Kering group.

What fascinates Julianne Moore in the film? the behavior of the characters, their motivations, almost more than the plot. On May 19, at the Women In Motion event, which benefits Kering Group’s arts and culture professionals, the actress talked about her career and what draws her to film in particular. stories and heroines in which everyone can. to recognize themselves.

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The taste of others

Julianne Moore acquired this passion for human beings in the world early on, while her family moved with her military father’s deployment; As a child I loved books and fiction. This, combined with my fascination with the way people live, led me to acting. »

For him, the most beautiful stories are not necessarily extraordinary destinies. “Of course we make movies about astronauts or queens. But our life is not always a story. Even when they are ordinary, they are incredibly exciting. Our relationships with others, with our children, walking with our dog… All this is interesting.

Elevate the routine

Sublimation of so-called “normal” lives. a challenge for cinema, especially when it comes to female characters who are portrayed as wives or mothers in their roles. In this regard, his work with director Todd Haynes (with whom he starred in Far from paradise, Carol: Or May December) met all his expectations. “Tod’s characters are very important to me. He takes the situations of women in the domestic context, with their families and uplifts them in a stunning way through cinema. It convinces you to watch these stories that they matter, when they usually don’t matter enough in the movies. And the viewer can relate to that. »


At 63, Julianne Moore is focusing on what she loves most: her projects. “When the film is finished, it no longer belongs to me, I no longer have control over it. Above all, it’s the perspective of the shoot that keeps me going. Knowing what I will do next, who I will meet, what I will enjoy doing. »

The one we’ll soon be able to see in the historical mini-series Mary and George (available June 3rd on Canal+), has just finished shooting Pedro Almodovar’s next film, The next roomwith Tilda Swinton and will appear Echo Valleyby Michael Pearce, “a thriller about a woman and her daughter dealing with behavior, transgression, in a domestic situation.” She shares the bill with Sydney Sweeney, 26, she reveals Euphoria And White lotuswho also produced his first film this year, Immaculate. A double hat admired by his senior. “The world is changing, women’s expectations are changing. There are more things they feel weak to do. Today, they no longer hesitate to take advantage of certain opportunities. It’s great to see these talents emerging who can tell their stories the way they want to. »

Another progressive revolution that Julianne Moore welcomes. the place of women in the film industry. “Everything has changed a lot since I started. Especially in terms of durability. we’re finally starting to see women, on screen, in all stages of their lives. Meryl Streep said this in her speech (at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. Editor’s noteHe thought his career would be over at age 40. There are more female directors, cinematographers and women in technical groups. Even if we are still far from equality. » Which has yet to be built around new stories imbued with normality.

Source: Le Figaro

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