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remember 10 incredible performances from the series

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of “Glee” by remembering some of the most memorable performances from Ryan Murphy’s series

Last Sunday, the 19th, the renowned musical series “Glee”, created by the director Ryan Murphy, completed 15 years of launch. Being one of the biggest hits on television, the production ran for six seasons, in addition to receiving more than 70 awards and taking more than 200 songs to the Billboard charts.

Even more than a decade after its debut, the series still has a huge legion of fans, who are passionate about the plot and, especially, the versions of the songs presented by the cast. To celebrate 15 years of “Glee”, RECREIO separated a list of 10 memorable performances presented in the series. Check out!

1. Paradise by the Dashboard Light — New Directions

After losing the nationals for two years in a row, New Directions enters the third season focused on winning the long-awaited competition, in the year in which most of its members are graduating. During the performance, in addition to featuring a solo by Celine Dion sung by Rachel (Lea Michele), and a number of Lady Gaga with The Troubletones, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” closes the night with an impeccable performance from all choir members.

2. Valerie — Santana Lopez

“Valerie”, song originally by Amy Winehousebecame such a memorable track for Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) who returns more than once in the series. The first, responsible for marking their first important solo, took place in episode nine of the second season, during the qualifiers, the group’s first competition with Kurt (Chris Colfer) on a rival team.

3. Don’t Stop Believin — New Directions

Throughout all six seasons, the track “Don’t Stop Believen” is, without a doubt, the most memorable for New Directions. This is because the song was the first to be performed by the first members of the group: Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley), Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz), Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale) and Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith). Furthermore, the characters return to perform the song at different times in the series, remembering its importance for the group.

4. Smooth Criminal — Sebastian Smythe and Santana Lopez

During the third season, the competitiveness between New Directions and The Warblers was at its peak. In episode 11 “Michael”, entirely dedicated to the king of pop Michael JacksonBlane (Darren Criss) hurts his eye after being hit by a scratch from Sebastian (Grant Gustin) with coarse salt. To avenge his friend and seek a confession, Santana (Naya Rivera) goes to Dalton, where he enters into a musical battle with Sebastian through the song “Smooth Criminal”, with the special participation of the duo 2Cellos.

5. Bohemian Rhapsody — Vocal Adrenaline

After facing countless challenges, New Directions finally makes it to Regionals. After introducing themselves, Quinn (Dianna Agron) goes into labor, and is rushed to the hospital. The scene of his daughter’s birth is interspersed with the presentation of the competition’s main rival, Vocal Adrenaline, who, led by Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff), gives an impeccable performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, by the band Queen.

6. Seasons of Love — New Directions

In 2013, while the series was still being shown, the actor’s death was confirmed. Cory Monteith, interpreter of Finn Hudson, who was still an active character in the cast. Episode three of the fifth season is a great tribute to the actor and to Finn, who also dies in the plot. Being one of the most emotional of the series, the chapter begins with the cast singing the song “Seasons of Love”, from the Broadway musical “Rent”.

7. I’m a Slave 4 U — Brittany S. Pierce

The pop princess, Britney Spears, also received an entire episode in honor of her. Titled “Britney/Brittany”, episode two of the second season revolves mainly around the character Brittany (Heather Morris), who says he can no longer stand being the shadow of Britney due to their similar names. While under anesthesia at a dentist appointment, the character imagines herself taking the place of Spears and performing “I’m a Slave 4 U”, featuring classic references to the memorable music video, such as the presence of the yellow snake.

8. If I Die Young — Santana Lopez

Still in the third episode of the fifth season “The Quarterback”, in honor of Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson, all the characters perform in memory of their friend, bringing out their true emotions. Santana (Naya Rivera), who was known for not showing her feelings, brings everyone to tears when she sings “If I Die Young”, unable to finish the song due to emotion.

9. I Feel Pretty/Unpretty — Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray

One of the great lessons of “Glee” for young people was the issue of learning to accept themselves, regardless of their appearance, beliefs or sexual orientation. This is the main message of episode 18 of the second season “Born This Way”, where Rachel (Lea Michele) decides she wants to have plastic surgery to have the “perfect nose” like Quinn’s (Dianna Agron), at which point they both sing the song “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty”.

10. Teenage Dream — The Warblers

It is impossible to close this list without mentioning a Warblers performance. The group made up of Dalton school students has a series of memorable performances, however, one of the most memorable is their first appearance — which also marks the arrival of Blaine (Darren Criss) and her first meeting with Kurt (Chris Colfer) — with “Teenage Dream”, by Katy Perry.

EXTRA: Bust Your Windows — Mercedes Jones

Despite not containing many solos, the songs led by Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) continue to be extremely adored by fans. One of the most striking is “Bust Your Windows”, present in the third episode of the first season, when Mercedes ends up falling in love with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and, in a fit of jealousy because she thought the boy liked Rachel (Lea Michele), breaks the window of his car and sings the song during school car wash day.

Source: Recreio

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