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Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary experience will have a day with box office going to RS

The solidarity action for Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary will also feature the presence and support of different influencers. Find out how to help!

In order to help the victims of the disaster in Rio Grande do Sul, on May 24th, 100% of sales of the immersive experience “Hello Kitty — 50 Years of Enchantment and Magic” will be donated to those affected by the tragedy.

The main objective of the action is to sell all tickets available for the date, to raise around R$200,000, which will be allocated to cities affected by the rains and floods through the NGO “Olhar de Bia”, a social organization that seeks to end poverty through education.

“In one of the most challenging moments in the country’s history, we are showing that the Brazilian people are very united and are getting their hands dirty to really reach the people who need it most. The calamity is getting worse and with this action we will not only meet the emergency needs of food, water and cleaning materials, but we will also reserve a fund to help with the restructuring of Rio Grande do Sul. We are very happy, honored and grateful to have partners such as Multiverso and Sanrio” says Bia Martins, founder of the NGO Olhar de Bia.

To help with fundraising, the event will be attended by major influencers who are engaged with the cause, such as the synchronized swimming twins Bia It is Branca Feres and the former football player Ricardo Oliveira.

Mohamad RabahCEO of Multiverso Experience, the company that created the exhibition, states that the action is extremely important to help in the best way possible.

“We cannot ignore what is happening in the south of our country, we need to help, each one as we can. Therefore, we decided to combine this unique and immersive experience, which tells the story of an iconic character like Hello Kitty, with this social cause. We count on the help of everyone who can attend the day or even share it with their friends. Together we can do much more! We wish the people of Rio Grande do Sul strength!

Already Monica Joseph, Commercial and Marketing Manager at Sanrio in Brazil, says that “Commitment to social causes is in our DNA and Hello Kitty, a symbol of friendship and solidarity, could not fail to be present at this delicate moment. We invite everyone to participate in this solidarity action to help Rio Grande do Sul. Together, we can transform this difficult moment into a demonstration of unity and hope.”

During the action held on May 24th, the various Biobots interactive screens present in the experience will be available for the public to write messages of strength and hope for the people who will receive the donations.

“Hello Kitty — 50 Years of Enchantment and Magic” Experience / Credit: Dus Hamanaka Mandell

The messages will be projected in real time, and in the future delivered to residents of Rio Grande do Sul with personal hygiene kits that will be assembled by Multiverso and Biobots. In addition, the event will also have donation collection points and QR Codes for those who wish to contribute even more.


Event: “Hello Kitty – 50 Years of Enchantment and Magic” — Box office 100% donated to Rio Grande do Sul

Date: 05/24/2024

Time: From 10am to 10pm

Local: Shopping Vila Olímpia – Ground Floor

Address: Rua Olímpicos, 360 — Vila Olímpia — São Paulo/SP


Source: Recreio

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