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HYBE comments on letter from parents of NewJeans members; check out!

HYBE releases a statement about a letter written by the parents of NewJeans members via an email sent by Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR.

This Monday, the 13th, the South Korean portal Ilgan Sports released an email sent by Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, containing a letter written by the parents of the members of the girl group NewJeans. In it, those responsible express their indignation about an alleged plagiarism committed by another group, and also about the difference in treatment of the president of HYBE, Bang Si Hyuktowards the members.

In response, HYBE released a press statement (via Soompi) clarifying the content released. Check out:

“This is a warning from HYBE.

We would like to clarify the situation regarding an email that was allegedly sent to us by the parents of NewJeans members, as reported on social media on May 13th.

We received the email in question on April 3rd, and we responded on April 16th, with content that is not the result of plagiarism.

We also want to state that the allegation that the incident with ADOR was due to ‘negligence in not responding to greetings’ is a one-sided and untrue argument.

We find it regrettable that Min Hee Jin is using this antiquated practice while dragging artists and their families into her own personal problems out of sheer greed.

We have evidence that the act of sending emails attacking HYBE was already part of the plan to acquire management rights and personal gain from the beginning. Min Hee Jin suggested using parents to raise issues, as it would violate the shareholders agreement she made herself. The email supposedly sent by the parents was actually written by Vice President L and Min Hee Jin. We plan to submit this evidence to investigative and judicial authorities.

We cannot help but express our dismay at Min Hee Jin’s behavior, using artists as shields for her personal gain and even putting her parents at the forefront. We encourage you not to mislead public opinion and to exercise restraint to protect the values ​​of our artists.”

Source: Recreio

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