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Has Britney Spears become her “worst enemy”?

Chloe Obsession – The singer passed away on Thursday, May 2, during a worrying “mental health crisis” in Los Angeles. And we wonder if, when his guardianship ends, the artist will be more vulnerable than ever.

“I deeply regret that I made the call to end her care, which was vital.” We cannot believe our eyes. in this forum Daily Mail: Columnist Maureen Callahan urges us to ponder “condemning truth.” According to him, Britney Spears would become “her worst enemy”. And his guardianship should never have been removed. Stunned by such a face, we find this bias risky, even extreme. After all, the pop star spent thirteen hellish years under the watchful eye of her father, Jamie, between drugs, overwork and drastic diets. Thousands of fans were also mobilized, hoping to see the artist freed. Emancipation, which the singer finally achieved in November 2021.

But here it is. by studying the tabloids in detail, we understand that the journalist is not the only one who expresses such concerns. on the website of Page six Some of those close to the singer claim that she should have remained in custody because of her “very real” mental health issues. Some even fear that Britney Spears will fall into drugs or alcohol. Fears that have been exacerbated by an incident at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 2. Where we were stunned to discover photos of Britney Spears playing spoilersport tonight.

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“Out of Control”

On photos that have been revealed Daily Mail: We find Britney Spears barefoot, in her underwear, wrapped in a blanket, broken, her knees scraped and her chest hidden by a pillow. She walks with tears in her eyes to the ambulance parked in front of the hotel. And it must be said that we are also starting to worry. Even feeling a growing anxiety as we unravel the thread of this crazy evening. Summing up: Britney Spears and her (former) partner Paul Richard Soliz, who also happens to be her butler, with a rocky legal history, we must follow, spent the evening at the Chateau Marmont on the 1st.eh may At 10:30 p.m., an alarm was received from the hotel. The woman, whose “description matches” the singer, is accused of “harassing and threatening employees and customers.”

Very quickly, the agents left, noticing a commotion in the area. Britney Spears and Paul Richard Soliz return to their room. They “have fun” together until the tension rises. They would get into a “major physical altercation in which Britney Spears could have injured her leg.” By: Daily Mail: , the artist was then seen “screaming uncontrollably in the hallway of her suite.” Assuming he had a nervous breakdown, “several customers” would call Samu. the translator of Poisonous would not leave in an ambulance and would be content to leave the scene without his escort.

Good ending

The incident recalls Britney’s darkest hours. However, the main interested party on Instagram simply denies the facts. In the now-deleted message, the pop star assures that he is not the man immortalized in front of the Chateau Marmont, and it will be a “double.” In another post, the artist reveals a video of his swollen leg. In the caption, he accuses his mother of setting a trap for him by warning the paparazzi. Before, without skipping a beat, posting a video of him riding a horse, insisting that his life is a lot less “crazy” than people are making it out to be.

We have a little doubt. With her family at loggerheads, no news of two boys, no real best friend, and a conflicted romance, Britney Spears finds herself lonelier than ever. Especially since her divorce from Sam Asghari was finalized on May 2. For Maureen Callahan, this separation was to be “good ending» by Britney. Separated from the singer, he is now content to support her from afar.

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The singer’s only support now would be Paul Richard Soliz. Both will have the most explosive relationship. They allegedly robbed a room at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas in late December during one of their Dantean encounters. “Britney is out of control,” the website reads TMZ . In the tabloid columns, some of the singer’s close friends assure that her mental health is the same as before the guardianship… If not worse. “It’s very clear that those campaigning for #freebritney, myself included, got it wrong,” says Maureen Callahan. And the journalist is sorry, which judge will agree to go back now?

We, in turn, wonder if Britney Spears is really a threat to herself. Or what if he’s just going through a rough patch before seeing the light? The pop star’s latest Instagram post features a chess set. We tell ourselves that Britney Spears is probably trying to send us a message. But what does he want to tell us? That he feels trapped on the media chessboard? Or that he will win the game? We secretly hope it’s the second option. And that the pop star will finally get rid of it.

Source: Le Figaro

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