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Eighth member? Find out who the trainee was who almost debuted with BTS

See who the former BigHit Entertainment (now BIGHIT Music) trainee is who could have become one of the members of the boy group BTS

Today, BTS is one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world. So much so, that the tracks that receive the voices of RM, V, Suga, Jin, J-Hope,Jimin It is Jungkook can be sung by different nations, even expanding South Korean cultural influence around the globe — a fact that led to them receiving the Hwagwan award, that is, an Order of Cultural Merit.

But, did you know that the group’s popular songs, included on more than 20 albums, could feature a different voice? The truth is that BTS could have had the former BTS trainee BigHit Entertainment (now BIGHIT Music), Kim Jihoonas one of the members.

The story was explained by Kim Jihoon, who revealed, in an interview with VICE Asia in February 2022, that he trained with the group’s final formation. In the conversation, he said that he became a trainee at age 18, and remained at the company from 2011 to 2012, having shared a dormitory with all the members.

Still, he was cut from the group. “The scared part of me was wondering, ‘What if I don’t do well?’ because there were many other talented trainees. I really thought I wasn’t good enough… We had a meeting and I was told that I was being cut from the group… I had trained hard and practiced every day, sometimes until the early hours of the morning. [então pensei] ‘Why couldn’t I improve? What’s wrong with me?'” he revealed Kim Jihoon.

After the company’s decision was made, Kim Jihoonfaced a series of difficult moments, starting with the acceptance phase that he would not become an idol.

It was a park I visited often, I just sat there and let out a sigh. I had trained and practiced every day, sometimes until dawn. I was going through a crisis, my skills were declining, so I thought I should just accept it and tell the others before I left.”

He explained that, upon revealing that he would not participate in the debut, the boys regretted the decision, in addition to the fact that their high school graduation Jihoon It is RM it happened at the same time, and, even though they already knew they wouldn’t have the chance to work together, the members went to visit him.

The idols’ gestures, even though they seem simple, made a big difference to Jihoonsince in addition to seeing that his dream would not come true, he was also dealing with the revelation that his mother was facing health problems.

“When I was asked to leave the group, all these unfortunate things happened at the same time. That was my dream, to become a singer. I could have gone to another agency, but I really liked this place. I was sad that I could no longer be in a group with my friends”, revealed Jihoon.

With time and BTS’ fame, the members and Jihoon they moved away, but the former trainee revealed that they had contact before the group’s official debut in 2013.

It had been weird not seeing the guys I hung out with every day. Having them suddenly appear and being able to talk and eat together rejuvenated me. […] Even after I got cut, before they debuted, I once came back to their dorm with some fried chicken.”

Furthermore, he said that his biggest regret is having lost contact with the members. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t envy them, but I’m not jealous of their money or their fame. It’s just that they get together. I’m jealous of that. I just regret not being able to hang out with them… my biggest goal is to give a huge party with everyone from my training days. That time was the happiest memory of my entire life”, he explained. Jihoon.

In the interview, Kim Jihoon revealed that, since then, he has led an ordinary life, and at the time the interview was published, he was an intern in a government office.

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