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The Ukrainian Armed Forces assessed the possibility of destroying the Crimean Bridge

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Achieving such a goal requires missiles, but experts know the places to strike, Ilya Yevlash said.

Ukraine knows where to hit to destroy the Crimean Bridge, but it needs to be done at the right moment. This was stated by the spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ilya Yevlash in an interview with NV, published on Tuesday, May 7.

The news about the transfer of American ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, which could reach the bridge, caused hysteria on Russian television, the spokesman recalled.

According to him, the destruction of the structure will weaken the capabilities of the Russian invaders on the peninsula, and weaken them as well.

“They will not be active in providing various types of equipment to Crimea. This will have serious consequences, including in terms of image, because they must understand: this bridge has become a symbol of Russia’s victory,” explained of the Air Force. speaker

According to him, achieving such a goal requires missiles, because the Crimean Bridge is very large, but experts know the places that need to be hit to significantly damage the railway and road.

“We have already seen a fairly effective attack here, when the explosions destroyed the surface of the road. They know where to hit, but it takes time and moments. The Crimean Bridge today is the most protected thing almost in the whole world .Air defense brigades deployed there, they are being watched very carefully,” Yevlash added.

Earlier, the SBU reported that the Russian Federation was not using the Crimean Bridge to provide weapons and means of destruction after the successful Ukrainian attack. Now the invaders are trying to restore it, but Ukraine has the potential to completely destroy it.

The Russian Federation does not carry weapons across the Crimean Bridge – media
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