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Isilde Le Besco testifies to the influence of Benoit Jaco.

The actress and director is publishing Say it righta book of confession to be published on May 1. He revisits his relationship with Benoît Jacquet between the ages of 16 and 24 and deciphers the director’s influence on him. Along the way, he also talks about his relationship with his sister, director Maiven.

Is it harmless for an actress to release a book a day before the Cannes Film Festival? The exercise is classic, but it has changed as the word has become freer and the stories have become truer to the reality of relationships, to the effects suffered. Judith Godrech’s latest testimony to the media about her relationship with director Benoit Jacquet was followed by a more reserved but still very strong Isilde Le Besco. The actress and director also had a relationship with the director when she was 16 and he was 52 on set. Sade. Four more films will follow. Since Judith Godrech’s revelations, Isilde Le Besco, however, has been less present than the actress and director. Icon of French cinema.

No doubt he had this book in mind. Say it right *Therefore, the story of his childhood and adolescence comes out in this 1eh May is as much a candid biography of the actress’ life as it is a brutal confession of what she endured and what the French actress can endure. So many things that he probably couldn’t or didn’t want to say in his previous books, already very personal, like that Love you anyway (Ed. Grasset).

Shocking story

From the first pages, the reader is struck by the tension that immediately appears in the writer’s life, in everyday life. He recounts a recent scene of violence with his sister, the actress and director Maiven, and finally mentions a sweater he left behind from Benoit Jacquet, which he cut up a few months ago to make scraps, even though he still had it in his past. was carrying a year. “He will shed what I have left of him,” he writes.

The tone of his voice, his demeanor, his composure commanded submission

What exactly is left? Reading this violent story, sometimes literary clumsy, sometimes too fast, but very precise, when it comes to the relationship with Benoit Jacquet, the center and black hole of the whole story, we measure the violence that remains from what he suffered and that does not fade. , despite attempts to spread it. In a few pages, she talks about a system and how a man literally controls her. On page 66, he recalls his first meeting with the director. “He was wearing Ray-Bans with small tinted lenses. He was looking fixedly at me, as if he was scanning me from below. The tone of his voice, his demeanor, his composure made me obey.”

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“He created in me the need to talk to him”

In the next twenty pages, Isilde Le Besco describes the relationship that develops and the way in which the director, who she believes may be her grandfather, imposes herself on her. “He created in me the need to talk with him.” by describing step by step the establishment of a relationship, the actress also deconstructs the way in which the other has intervened in her life and the corridors through which he enters, namely; the fragility of his relationship with his parents (Jacco almost convinces him that he was molested by his father…), and the strong feelings that exist between him and his sister Maiven, whose relationship he saw with director Luc Besson.

The writing of the book, very transparent, almost like a detective collection of testimonies, makes Isilde Le Besco’s way of dominance very readable, almost without impact. The article also talks about how all this still resonates inside him. in the last pages, the author tells the beginning of a recent love story, which is quite beautiful, but also raises a wall of distance within itself. “After all these years of abuse, I even got marked. It was more convenient to hide than to project myself into love.” How to survive what has been damaged? The question remains full of what is written, and what is at stake in this short book is to form a synopsis that explains power relations as seen by anyone. Someone who needs the distance of years, even the journey of a lifetime, to tell what it was, and the conditions in which a teenage girl became the prey of a man in power, without an era that includes others, has seen nothing. complain. Giving testimony, writing, is perhaps a way to erase, or finally get out of it.

Say it right

Source: Le Figaro

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