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The ‘Hercules’ sequel that was canceled by Disney

Did you know that the 1997 animation ‘Hercules’ almost got a sequel? Find out more about Disney’s discarded film!

In 1997, Disney launched the animation “Hercules”, a production inspired by Greek mythology that follows the story of the son of Hera and Zeus, who bears the same name and, after being captured by Hades, ends up losing his powers and immortality, needing to regain their space on Mount Olympus.

Being a production extremely loved by the public, compared to other films from the studio, the cartoon did not have such an impressive performance. In total, the animation grossed around 252.7 million dollars internationally, in addition to being nominated in 1998 for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for “Best Original Song” with “Go The Distance”.

However, something that many people don’t know is that “Hercules” had a sequel planned, but it ended up being discarded by Disney.

Hercules 2

As reported by the ScreenRant portal, the new film in the franchise would be called “Hercules II: The Trojan War”, and would follow Meg and Hercules living in the city of Athens alongside his daughter, Hebe. One day, the protagonist discovers that his friend, Helen of Troy, ends up being captured by Paris of Troy, causing him to join the army to help during the war.

The portal also states that, at a certain point in the plot, Hercules was expected to meet an old friend who would end up disappearing as the story progressed. However, the identity of this colleague was never specified. According to theories, the character in question should be Phil, his mentor, played by Danny DeVito.

Hercules and Phil in the animation ‘Hercules’ (1997) / Credit: Reproduction/Disney

Initially, “Hercules 2” was scheduled for release in 2001. However, after spending a few years stored in Disney’s drawers, the project ended up being officially canceled in 2006 after John Lasseter take over as the studio’s new creative director.

However, even with the sequel discarded, the franchise still received an animated series called “Hercules”, in 1998, and an animated television film entitled “Hercules: From Zero to Hero”, in 1999.

Source: Recreio

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