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How to style curtain bangs perfectly every time?

How to style curtain bangs perfectly every time?

Pierre Saint Sever, Barber and a Dyson ambassador gives us his advice for mastering this fringe, which is attracting more and more women.

The fringes of the curtains are imposed majestically on more and more fronts. An iconic signature of Brigitte Bardot, it has been adopted by many personalities from Anne Hathaway to Sydney Sweeney to Monica Bellucci. Even Kate Middleton succumbed to it last September.

But why is this hair bias so appealing? “Because it requires little commitment. In addition, curtain bangs are suitable for all ages. we wear them when we’re 15 on the sexier side, around the face during hide-and-seek play, but also when we’re 50. It then allows you to ‘lift’ the cheekbones,” he explains Barber Pierre Saint Sever. “Depending on the length you choose, curtain bangs will give you a slightly different style. And it will add character to the face without being too radical. It really allows you to reinforce certain lines, but always with softness.” A detail that we can easily master and which, according to the person representing the Dyson brand in France, adapts to almost all face shapes and hair textures, except for curly ones.

Especially since it stands out as a perfect compromise. “It will allow you to shape the face a little, and at the same time, if you get tired of it, you can remove everything and integrate it, for example, with a ponytail, sweep it to the side or back. It grows easily and quickly. After a month and a half, we can slide it behind the ear again,” he continues Barber emphasizing its versatility. Now you just need to know how to style it right every morning.

The right tools

For an expert hairstylist, you don’t need to make several purchases, just a hair dryer with a blow-dry tip and a round brush. “You just need to pull out the roots to move to very puffy bangs, as if you want to create volume, and they take on the shape of a brush. When we take the latter off, we comb it back to give it the right movement so everything fits perfectly.” The hairdresser insists on the importance of blow-drying. In order for the latter to be beautiful, it must appear generous.”

Dyson’s latest product, the Supersonic Nural, a hair dryer that keeps the scalp healthy.

We restore the roller

For some, the secret to perfect curtain bangs is using a roller. “After blow-drying, you can actually set it up so the strand has time to cool and take on this voluminous shape. It is also useful when you want to apply makeup. you blow dry your hair and then place this accessory to clean up your forehead and eyes without using barrettes or headbands that can break up the movement or create fake wrinkles.” Pierre Saint Sever also emphasizes the great ease of use of the Velcro roller. “There is nothing more basic. We wrap the wick and it holds. And to remove, just pull up.” She also recommends using it on the second day after shampooing, especially when you have ears. “This helps correct the movement a little bit.”

Use styling products

“For me, the perfect curtain fringe remains in the spirit of Brigitte Bardot, 1960s and 70s, which we lather with a little dry shampoo for texture and movement,” assures the Dyson ambassador. He particularly appreciates the finish of this SOS product. “You can also choose an equivalent such as a volumizing or volumizing spray that will also seal. It will provide a texturizing effect without the shiny or even overly white effect of dry shampoo. And will offer the same support as hairspray without “blocking” the hair.

Other products will be just as valuable, but should be chosen based on hair type. “For thick hair, we’ll use a smoothing or conditioning cream to protect it from humidity. Indeed, at the slightest heat, we will sweat, and curls will appear, distorting the fringes of the curtain. On fine hair, we’ll turn more to coating and thickening agents. If we have a foam to worry about, we’ll choose a foam that has more holding power.” Finally, for those who can’t stop playing with their hair, dry shampoo will be helpful to avoid going through the shampoo box every day.

Therefore, precious allies who will allow curtain bangs to be displayed with volume and elegance, even when you do not leave the hairdresser.

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Source: Le Figaro

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