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What are the animals in “SpongeBob” in real life?

Discover the true species of the characters from the classic Nickelodeon animation “SpongeBob”

Released in 1999 by Nickelodeon, “SpongeBob” can be considered one of the most popular animations of all time. Remaining on air to this day, the cartoon follows the routine of a yellow sponge that gets involved in several unlikely adventures in Bikini Bottom, a city under the sea.

In the episodes, we meet memorable characters who were inspired by real-life animals. With this in mind, RECREIO came to show you which species are responsible for inspiring some of the main characters in “SpongeBob”. Check out!


Credit: Reproduction/Nickelodeon

The animation’s big villain, Plankton, takes his name from the family he belongs to. Plankton are microscopic organisms that can be classified in different ways, as their family includes viruses, bacteria, plants and animals.


SpongeBob and Gary
Credit: Reproduction/Nickelodeon

Gary, SpongeBob’s adorable pet, is a sea snail. In Brazilian lands, many people also know it as “buzio”, due to the classic shape of its shell.

Your Krabs

Your Krabs
Credit: Reproduction/Nickelodeon

Pérola’s father and owner of the Krusty Siri restaurant is not a crab, as many people think. Your Krab is, in fact, a red crab, a species exclusive to the Australian Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.


Sandy Cheeks
Credit: Reproduction/Nickelodeon

Unlike the other characters, Sandy is the only terrestrial species. SpongeBob’s best friend is a squirrel, a small rodent mammal that can be found in different parts of the world, and normally lives in coniferous or deciduous forests.


Squidward in 'SpongeBob SquarePants'
Squidward in the animation ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ – Reproduction/Nickelodeon

Many may think that Squidward is a squid, due to his name. However, due to its anatomy, it is possible to conclude that the character is, in fact, an octopus, as it has a more rounded face and no fins.


Patrick Star
Credit: Reproduction/Nickelodeon

As stated in his name, Patrick, SpongeBob’s best friend, is a starfish. This animal can be found in all the oceans on the planet, in addition to containing more than 1,900 species.

Sponge Bob

Sponge Bob
SpongeBob – Reproduction/ Nickelodeon

Finally, the protagonist of the series also has his species revealed in his name. Bob is a sea sponge, a multicellular organism that always needs to be connected to another body to survive.

Source: Recreio

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