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Cha Eunwoo visited Jungkook on military duty alongside another idol, netizens point out

According to reports from netizens, idol Cha Eunwoo visited BTS’s Jungkook recently during military service; understand!

According to statements from internet users, Cha Eunwoo visited Jungkook in military service alongside a much-loved idol in the world of K-pop. Since the idol began serving in the army, updates about him have been scarce, including those with the members of the 97-liners, some of which are: Mingyu, Cha Eunwoo It is Yugyeom.

However, a netizen recently revealed that he made a reservation at a restaurant near several military bases, very close to the one in Jungkook. According to him, Cha Eunwoo went to camp with the idol, at the same time as the 5th Division graduation, alongside Lee Knowby Stray Kids.

I made a reservation for two people from 7pm to 10pm on the weekend. Individual tents (for 2 to 8 people) are available and larger groups can use the group room. There are many military bases near the campsite, so there are also many visitors. It is said that there are many visitors during the 5th Division graduation ceremony. Recently, it was mentioned that Cha Eunwoo, BTS’s Jungkook, and Stray Kids’ Lee Know visited. They had their meal at Tent No. 2, where I also had dinner,” the internet user revealed (via Koreaboo).

In the same post, the internet user also revealed details about a restaurant close to the previous one, where another fan visited with her father. According to them, the internet user spoke to the owner of the place and he regretted not having taken a photo with the idols during the visit.

For my father’s birthday, I wanted to have dinner somewhere special and I came across this place. When we arrived, the owner and his wife welcomed us warmly, leaving a pleasant first impression. The ambience, the taste of the food and the fact that there was a sandy playground for the children to play while waiting for their food were fantastic. They also asked if we needed anything during the meal, they provided excellent service and the meat was tender and delicious (especially the sirloin, highly recommended). It was so nice to have a nice time on a nice day. It’s a bit unfortunate that I can only choose five keywords to describe this place, as this restaurant has a high satisfaction rating compared to others, so I will definitely visit it again. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it for family gatherings or group dinners! Oh, by the way, the owner mentioned that he was sad that he didn’t take a photo when Jungkook and BTS’s Cha Eunwoo visited him recently. Haha. Wishing them prosperity!” concluded the fan (via Koreaboo).

Even without having proof of the exit between Jungkookby BTS, Cha Eunwoofrom ASTRO, and Lee Know, by Stray Kids, fans of the groups were very excited about the possible reunion. Check out the reactions of some idol fans on the subject below!

Source: Recreio

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