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“I was naive.” Charlotte Gainsbourg talks about her children’s education

Charlotte Gainsbourg at the premiere We, the Leroys at UGC Normandie (Paris, April 3, 2024)
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This Monday, April 8, Charlotte Gainsbourg opened up about her complicated relationship with her children’s education. TV 7 days.

On the movie poster We, the LeroysIn theaters April 10, Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as Sandrine, an overburdened mother seeking a divorce from her husband (Jose Garcia). Not so far from the reality of exhaustion, educationally speaking, for this mother of three. “It’s not easy,” the 52-year-old actress confided 7 days of TV talking about a period of adolescence that he had difficulty understanding.

“There’s a huge bond when they’re kids, and I find it hard to manage adolescence. how do I know how to pull back when they become teenagers?” asks Ben, 26, mum to Alice, 21, and Jo. , 12 years old, was born from her relationship with her partner Ivan Attal.

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Rigor and instinct

Charlotte Gainsbourg wants to be clear about her education, revealing that she is “very blind” and even “naive”. Miscommunications that the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg attributes to her own rebellious youth. In fact, at the age of 13, the future artist voluntarily left her family to enroll in a boarding school, she told the magazine. An interview in 2016.

The singer has always admitted that she has a hard time setting boundaries with her children, leaving that task to her 33-year-old companion, actor and director Ivan Attal. In 2021, he already trusted the magazine Marie Claire “I don’t have great educational principles, I’m not sure I’m not wrong. I often rely on Yvan for his stern side. It’s more instinctive for me.” in an interview with world On March 8, her son Ben spoke about his once-tumultuous relationship with his mother. “We were at war for years.” Today there is a much more peaceful connection. The eldest and his sister Alice, having left the nest, the parents now devote themselves entirely to the education of the youngest of the brothers, Joe.

Source: Le Figaro

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