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4 lessons of happiness from the happiest country in the world

A little while ago, Finland was re-elected as the happiest country in the world. What lessons can we learn from them to optimize our happiness? The Visit Finland website offers a master class to understand everything and be inspired by their recipe.

For the seventh consecutive year, Finland has been named the world’s happiest country by the 2024 World Happiness Report. To be inspired by their recipe for happiness, the travel website Visit Finland invites us to “wake up the Finn who sleeps there. USA”. These are the words that punctuate every lesson in the “Happiness Masterclass” (“Happiness Masterclass”, in the original version), which has been posted on the site since September 2023. Thus, the travel guide makes sessions available to “learn the techniques that make available. to Finnish happiness.

Connect with nature

“The roots of Finns’ deep attachment to nature lie in the historical connection between man and his environment, a connection that has not been able to shape our identity over time,” we read at the beginning of the master class. So it’s no surprise that the first two sessions invite us to reconnect with our natural environment.

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In Finns’ everyday life, “tranquility” and “inner peace” are associated with nature, confirms Petri Kokkonen, a hiking guide in the wild natural areas of the Finnish Far North. In the 10-minute video, the latter gives advice for “living in harmony” and “creating a deep connection” with nature. Among them: go to the forest, near a stream or a nearby park without picking up the phone. Then listen to the sounds of nature (birdsongs, rustling leaves, etc.) and think about all the wonders this place has in store for us. And to maintain the connection, increase the “frequency” of these exits.

The second master class goes further, because the forest is not only dedicated to walks and hikes. Mikaela Kreutz, a professional photographer based in northeastern Finland, appreciates the benefits of wilderness camping, which is allowed by Finnish law. Relaxation, stimulation of creativity, renewed inspiration…

Confidence and adaptability

The masterclass this time continues on the topic of confidence and “flow” (a neologism whose literal meaning is “liquefaction” and which is similar to adaptability), which is a typical Finnish character trait. The session is moderated by April Rinn, a self-described “change leader.” A graduate of Harvard, according to Forbes: She is also the best-selling author of the 50 Greatest Futuristic Women in the World Flow. 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Changeunderstand “8 Superpowers That Will Evolve in a Context of Constant Change.”

This is exactly what April Rynn wants to teach in her master class. Can we be happy in uncertainty? How to take sisu», “Who combines inner strength and courage in one character line?” Addressing these themes, the speaker invites us to develop resilience as a real skill to “thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s world without [se] destabilized by the rapid evolution of our times.

And that requires trust. “It is impossible to flourish if [elle] there is none,” assures the specialist. “Trust others, the community (in the broad sense), the state, the business world, technology… and above all, self-confidence. Therefore, April Rynn invites us to consider: Why do you trust him or not? Are you confident in yourself? Why is that so (or not)? In what situations is your confidence likely to crumble?

Cultivating joy through design

Taina Snelman-Langenskiold, the founder of the Finnish company Tikau, which specializes in sustainable design, has come to teach a lesson about happiness. Because the Finns have well understood the power of the environment on their well-being. Design is an integral part of their daily life. During the video (less than 15 minutes), the expert explains how manual work can be useful for us and reminds us of the importance of nature as a source of inspiration.

In a DIY exercise, she even suggests learning a Finnish crafting technique, making each person a “personal item directly inspired by ‘Made in Finland.’ All you need is an old fabric (a holey sweater, a stained tablecloth or a worn rug) to give it a second life.

Celebrate our meals!

Finally, Alex Nurmi, the famous chef, offers seven recipes in an attempt to understand the art of the Finnish table. Potato salad, salmon pastrami, pickled gherkins and mustard seeds or even slime pudding… The chef’s aim is to see food as an opportunity to “unleash your creativity” by cooking and eating with “full awareness”.

Source: Le Figaro

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