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Helen Slater, from ‘Supergirl (1984),’ congratulates Milly Alcock: “You’re going to be amazing”

Supergirl’s first actress, Helen Slater, posted a message on her Instagram congratulating Milly Alcock on the role

The actress Helen Slaterprotagonist of the first film version of Supergirl, in 1984, used Instagram to congratulate Milly Alcock, who was just cast to play the character. In the published photo, Slater pays homage to all the women who have played the character.

In the image, in addition to it and Milly Alcockare presented Laura Vandervoort (Smallville), Melissa Benoist (from the Arrowverse series Supergirl) and Sasha Calle (The Flash). It is worth noting that Slater made a point of tagging all the actresses in the publication. See below!

Congratulations to the luminous Milly Alcock, the next Supergirl! The DC universe awaits you! You’re going to be amazing!” Helen Slater wrote in the caption.

This week, Milly Alcock was chosen to be the protagonist of the new film Kara Danvers, titled ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’. However, there is still no director for the film or a set release date.

Furthermore, the actress is expected to join the cast of ‘Superman: Legacy’, the Man of Steel’s new solo film, which should be released in July 2025. However, Supergirl’s participation in the film has not yet been confirmed. It will be the first project of the new DCU and will have james gunn as producer and screenwriter!

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