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“Houston, we have a problem.” On Instagram, Serena Williams doesn’t fit in her denim skirt.

Serena Williams at the Art Basel event. (Miami, December 6, 2023)
Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Taking to Instagram, the tennis champion shared her struggle to fit into a denim skirt five months after giving birth to her second child.

Houston, Serena Williams has a problem. On January 28, the tennis champion shared a video on Instagram in which she appears in the bathroom wearing a tight black bodysuit. “I got this amazing Valentino skirt when I was pregnant, and I was like, ‘Hey! “I’ll be able to wear this when I don’t have a belly anymore,” she said, revealing a long denim skirt from Italian luxury. House. But when he starts to try, sliding his legs in, something unexpected happens. “It doesn’t work,” she says with humor when she notices that the skirt is stuck to her butt.


The term “impossible”, however, is not part of the vocabulary of Serena Williams, which has decided to fit into her skirt sooner or later. “Honestly, I should have been able to fit it in, but I was distracted for about a month,” she continued, referring to her recent motherhood, before declaring with ever-so-humorous humor: “Houston, we have a problem!” The tennis player, who gave birth to her second child in August 2023, also announces in the video that she has set a one-month goal to get back in shape. “It hurts my soul… There is nothing wrong with you,” Alison Zupancic, a “plus size” model, commented under the video. “Girl, people pay to have a butt like that. Be proud,” the subscriber added.

In the video, Serena Williams reveals a video of herself taking off her wig

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As with many women, the postpartum experience is a real challenge for Serena Williams. “After having a baby, I felt like I got hit by a bus,” she explained in the caption of a TikTok video in early January, in which she took off her wig while holding her baby. And continue. “It’s not just your body that’s affected, but your mind as well. (Well, at least for me.) See you in 2024… A year in which I hope to restore my mind and body. His subscribers on social networks only want so much from him.

Source: Le Figaro

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