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In the video, Audrey Totu jokes about her “small booty”, which was taken at the age of 47 after a long absence from the media.

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Guest of the program 20:30 SundayAudrey Tautou showed self-confidence towards Laurent Delahus, joking about her appearance as a grown woman.

Audrey Tautou has been absent from film sets for five years, making herself quite rare in the media since then. Identified by his iconic role The legendary fate of Amelie Poulin By Jean-Pierre Jeunet, in 2001 she is one of those rare French women who has become internationally famous. The actress was an exclusive guest of Laurent Delahousie on the December 10 show 20:30 Sunday on the air of France 2, and to talk freely in front of the journalist.

“There are still a lot of people who find you and say to themselves, ‘But why did he leave?'” the host exclaims by way of introduction. The clear answer of the actress. They don’t say to themselves, “Wow, after all, he took a little shovel.” before bursting into laughter. This self-assured reversal underscores his age of 47; Oh no, I’m sure it’s the other way around,” the host replies with a smile.

Wearing a very elegant blue shirt topped with a red floral cape, the star confided in her desire to step away from the limelight, allow herself the luxury of following her passions and exploring her creativity. “I like to live my life as an adventure and I make my choices not out of fear, but out of desire. I wanted to have time to dedicate myself to other things. I treated myself with this luxury,” he explains. Occupational risk. “No, I’m not afraid. […] My choice is calm, I didn’t worry about what will happen next because it’s not my nature, I don’t want to lead my life like that either. He said matter-of-factly before confirming that he wasn’t open to the idea. to do movies again.

This media appearance was intended to promote Audrey Tautou’s next theater project in Paris Sainte-Mouselle, Charlotte“It’s a whole new adventure, a duet reading with an exceptional musician,” he said. A decidedly eclectic artist.

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Source: Le Figaro

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