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Three reflexes to adopt to save your energy this winter

Here are some simple tips to combat winter fatigue and boost your energy before winter arrives. June/Getty Images

To combat winter fatigue and boost your energy before winter arrives, discover three simple tips to implement today.

In winter, we are more tired, it is more difficult to wake up, and with the good weather, the desire to move definitely disappears. But don’t believe in fate. In order to resist the cold and avoid the fall of winter energy, we present three tips that will help you approach this period in a different way.

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Energy and food

To increase your energy, it is important to follow your diet and prepare balanced meals. The body is at its best when it receives the trace elements and vitamins it needs. So there’s no point in postponing winter despair over heavy, greasy dishes. Your digestive system will become more tired and deplete your energy reserves. Likewise, avoid alcoholic beverages, which affect your sleep quality and therefore your fitness. And to treat daily bouts of fatigue, choose to eat less, but more often. Choose a healthy snack (such as an apple) between meals to give you instant energy.

And what’s better than a good night’s sleep to boost your energy in the winter? Sleep is one of the keys to your fitness and well-being. Don’t neglect your night because it’s when you sleep that your batteries are recharged. Avoid sleepless nights and nights of less than seven hours as much as possible, even during vacations. If you can’t do otherwise, consider taking a nap during the day without taking a nap for more than twenty minutes. When you wake up, you’ll feel fresh and ready, with a handy boost of energy to see you through the night.

Get moving to keep your energy up

This may seem paradoxical to you, but in order to maintain energy, you need to engage in regular physical activity. The saying “the less you do, the less you want to do” couldn’t be more true. The longer you stay on your couch or engage in sedentary activities, the more tired you will feel. So, to stay in shape all winter long, we put on our sneakers and go for a walk, a run, the gym. If you don’t like endurance sports, choose a gentle exercise such as Pilates or Swedish gymnastics. You may feel tired after your session, but you’ll find your energy levels high in the long run.

*Originally published in February 2019, this article has been updated.

Source: Le Figaro

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